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Online games make you a gold digger virtual millionaires and quench the thirst of a treasure hunt. Online Games gold digger very entertaining.

The search for deposits of gold since ancient times excite the minds and hearts of desperate adventurers. In today's world, when there are almost no unexplored areas on the planet, to find any significant gold deposit can only be with a lot of specialized equipment. But in the world of computer gaming situation is quite different, and everyone will be here the proud owner of an impressive nugget. Different toys for this will need different tools. For example, a very popular game in which you need to set dynamite charges on the virtual field and then collect all the gold that was recovered after the explosion. Gamer controls a character and must act groping to find a decent deposit - explosives and equipment costs money and if after several attempts did not find significant reserves of gold, you can completely fail and fail the mission game. Gradually, these games offer access to new, more efficient types of explosives, it is possible for a preliminary investigation of potential fields and are available new types of equipment that allows you to more effectively collect and transport the gold nuggets. Online games are a gold digger with a variety of gameplay features. For example, the player sees on the screen cut of the whole layer of the earth, the bottom of which shine serious pieces of gold. From above the earth moves a gold digger, but he can not get to the treasure without special equipment - a gamer helps him run the tunnels, avoid obstacles, to take out the gold to the surface. Gold fever is easy to get sick even well-known game and cartoon characters. For example, Mario is no longer satisfied collecting coins in his universe and travels to other worlds, where you can collect from the ground pound nuggets. It also uses dynamite and all sorts of equipment to make your hunt for gold as efficient as possible. Mouse Jerry, too, does not mind his lower legs in an underground gold reserves. Gamer helps him find a decent nugget and effectively get it to the surface. Some online games are a gold digger without explosions and destruction - they are the main character travels through underground mines on a special trolley and have special claws to pick up nuggets. You have to be very clever to not miss a single gold mine and fill your trailer kilograms of the precious metal. A variety of games with the search for gold you will find in this section of the site. How much virtual gold collect? Can you become the most successful prospector game reality?

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Play free online games Gold Miner everyone can

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