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With the game Winx Action can feel as a favorite Winx fairies and relive the exciting and interesting adventure in the magical and mystical world.

The fascinating world of the animated series "Winx Club" is no accident attracted in their possession a huge following. Colorful and functional content of wonderful animated images just can not enjoy the most open to the world's - children. The mysterious world created by Italian cartoonists, is a magical and beckons to her cute little prisoner fans. All the character - it's cute babes who live their young lives, they are always lively and modern, love to shop, relax and dream about the boys. All of this is very close contemporary adolescents, especially young girls, who make up the majority of fans of the story. It is for them and created the game Winx Action that will come closer to your favorite heroines, and together with them to fight for justice, overcome difficulties and have fun. As for the genre of fairy brodilok - this is an unusual and unconventional character, success brodilok with Winx fairies further confirms that this is a mega popular animated series, and the images of famous fairies - the mega popular. As for the nature of these games, they are all very diverse and offer a variety of subjects. But, in general, in the Adventure Winx must choose your favorite sorceress - Bloom, Musa, Tecna, Stella, Flora, Layla, or select and magic to it. Then you can still select and place-and-forth game, the adventure. Management is usually not difficult, using the mouse and arrows. There are also many games that offer pre-built scene with some heroine, in which the player and have to participate. So, for example, can help Flora fly all the clouds, to overcome the obstacles and collect bonuses, and can together with the fairies to avoid dangerous encounters with soap bubbles. No less exciting game is a game called "Girls Winx save the city," in which the fairies will protect the city from the dark forces and fight in an unequal fight. Also with Adventure Winx You can learn to shoot a bow and shoot as many balls with the help of these weapons. The game "Flying Princess" will be reincarnated as one of the favorite fairies and collect butterflies while avoiding encounters with clouds to keep from falling. All Action Winx quite simple and, of course, exciting and very interesting. They allow you to have fun and to enjoy the company of any fairy tale heroines. This is, of course, improves mood and gives positive moments of joy.

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