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Games for Girls Winx fairies, perhaps, the most popular among the games for girls online. Dress up and decorate your favorite dolls give girls the opportunity to play the sorceress.

Beauty's fairies from the animated series Winx Club characters are many beautiful computer toys. They need to perform various tasks, take charge of the mission. Main goal of the game for girls Winx fairies - is the restoration of justice, rescue the innocent people, the punishment of evildoers and the suppression of their plans. Evil witches are not averse to capture the magical land, exploit its people, repair all kinds of mischief. But the guardian of good witches are always good. Gamers can manage their gallant adventures of the Winx fairies protect traps and attacking wizards everywhere. Game exploits of beautiful fairies are many levels brodilok in which the characters flit from flower to flower left searching for secret passages, collect important artifacts. In these games, you can use various magical abilities. Some of them are present in fairies from the start, other open after passing certain tasks. There are also magic tricks that only work for a short time after the activation of some artifact. A lot of games for girls created by the sorceress in the genre odevalok. There is no number that lovely dress that girl gamer can offer their favorite cartoon sorceress. Here you have the mini-skirts that emphasize the slender figure fairies and her graceful legs, t-shirts and tank tops with colorful drawings, elegant dresses with lace and loops. Initially, the display shows a half-naked fairy, and a special menu offers a variety of clothing. Players can choose the shape and color scheme, click on the appropriate attire and then see how it will look on the selected sorceress. Some games are made theme - Winx fairies Hellouinskuyu going to a party and need to pick up for them with good costumes. Or some kind of beauty is preparing for a date with a handsome prince and a gamer chooses for her stunning ball gown. Play a little fairy made in almost all the genres that are popular with girls gamers. Besides odevalok, it is also a beauty salon, coloring, selection room design. In some games, you can change the appearance of the fairies, who are involved in the cartoon. But there is also the opportunity to create their own sorceress. To do this, you can choose the color for her lips, the eyes, the shape of hair. A very important attribute of the fairies, it's their wings, and because in some games you need to seriously take care also about their appearance. To try out different games Winx fairies, you can choose any of the toys in this section of our website. Meet your favorite characters, dive into their magical adventure and discover the virtual magic.

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