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Winx and Bratz games are some of the most popular and interesting games for girls. They represented a variety of genres odevalok to brodilok.

Winx and Bratz games have combined two strong companies. From such simple beauty dazzled, and I want to play all the games at a time. It is with this goal and set up this column - so you can meet their needs in communication with such unique personalities. Fairies Winx and Bratz dolls are the same young girls, like the ones that they love to play with them and it makes the difference between them is minimal. After all, everyone knows that all of these girls - this is actually fairies, princesses and dolls. This means that all the subjects that came up with the writers for the game Winx and Bratz are based nA real events and napisany with live girls. The characters of the game Winx and Bratz love to wear. To get dressed in the most beautiful and impress people by his new role, they are looking for any little excuse to make a shopping and show off in the next dress. They all go, and there is no such thing which would sit on them ugly. Any fashionable novelty immediately tried on with great enthusiasm. Going to the movies, to a disco in the country, a trip to the trip, relaxing on the beach and other outings are reflected in the costumes. To create the ideal image is not forgotten and hairstyles, manicures, pedicures and makeup. Without these necessary transformations is a part of the girl. It should miss at least one aspect of the transformation, as the exterior is like unfinished wrong. But how many secrets you can find out if peek behind the process of creating complex pilings or finding new lines for cutting. Winx and Bratz games about fashion love all the girls, but do not remain outside the focus and direction of other stories about them. Together with them, you can train your powers of observation and memory. Search differences or identical pictures will be very useful exercise, which is useful in everyday life. Vivid images captured in static poses of our heroines, and push the conditions of the gameplay. At first glance, images appear to be identical, but if you look closely, you can find slight differences. If you find a certain time, you earn points needed to reach the next level of the game, where you will find a completely new image. The next time you will be asked to create identical tiles to clear them from polya and open, so the fact that they're hidden. Each chip has its counterpart, but they are scattered randomly on the site. Opening each, memorize their location and when you see the same, go back to the previous open. When all the pictures disappear, you will see what is drawn on the field beneath them. Games Winx and Bratz coloring - not just another game. They develop creative, pledged to each person. Simple at first glance lesson taught to recognize the lighter shades of colors and use them in harmony with the image. And still exercises the memory, if one is to look at the colorful original and try to reproduce it from memory. Puzzles develop mindfulness, spatial vision, the ability to compare different shapes and details to consider drawing on them. Each tile must find its place in the picture, so she began to play and the fullness of the image colors. There are games Winx and Bratz for agility and speed. In the sky, floating hearts, candy bouquets. You have to catch them to get game points for the collected artifacts and go to the next level. All these characters are made in delicate colors and accompanied by soft music that can be disabled if desired. Winx and Bratz games - are the games for girls and about them.

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