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Battle, battle, weapons, shooting, army, strategy - all of this online war game. If you are a real fighter and not afraid of difficulties, then play a game about the war your element.

Life without war - the dream of all civilians. Everybody understands how devastating war can be, and how much suffering it brings to all mankind. Woe even one family is difficult to justify the interests of the state, whose leaders pursue personal interests related to their own enrichment. Hide behind the war by appealing to the patriotic feelings of the citizens, and to plant the thought of having to intervene in the power structure of a foreign country to help put it in order. Under the pretext, pursued the interests of profit on other people's natural resources - oil and precious metals, or third-party capture territories for the sake of expanding its borders. If everyone involved in the development of their own state, not popping the nose into other people's business, the world would be more harmonious and developed. Colossal finance, start up the development of weapons can not be used to promote education, medicine, scientific discoveries, agriculture and production. But today it is a utopia, a dream. Our level of development closer to the barbaric than civilized, and not only because of the war did not stop, and become a kind of business. Since this topic is still popular and is not going to give up, make films about it and create computer games. In the past, offering gamers to step inside the world of military battles, their history or have his own line of battle. Online games war - is realistic simulators and flash products. In more advanced games, offered a choice of different-sized weapons and one that was used centuries ago. People have always fought and came up with more and more sophisticated means for the overthrow of the enemy. Bows, crossbows, catapults and battering rams were replaced pistols, rifles and shotguns. Then came the guns, then guns, grenades, mines, tanks, rocket launchers, warheads, bombers, nuclear submarines. Man can not calm down and continues to arm. In verily while some choose a career soldier, others are content with the ability to play the game about the war. This is the most plausible alternative to military affairs. In these games the boys to fully satisfy the craving for a gunshot "toys", but do not run the risk of their own lives. Become the hero of the virtual is even better than the present to get a medal. In war there is no dead line, since all the characters - this is draw pictures. Game of World War II reveal the history of the last great war that has touched every family in the post-Soviet space. By choosing to control the hero, gamers will constantly carry out different tasks, and improve the character. Successfully carried out the mission, additional opportunities and promotes closer to victory. In the big games it is possible to go through the whole war from the beginning to the end, moving on to the most famous military campaigns, but flash games lined up more easily. Their goal - to destroy the enemy in large numbers, earn player points and move on to the next step of passing. Starting to play in the war, you do not learn anything new about them, but even the satisfaction of innate instinct defense of its territory and the excitement of competition, that's something. Game about World War II returned the player for a few dusty decades ago, showing how their grandfathers fought. Picking up the legendary weapon and standing with them shoulder to shoulder, you will be able mentally to be together and to support the attack of his combat unit. Albeit this time the enemy will be cast down forever. Great you win!

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