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When the fields of wheat ears, chicken pore over another portion of the eggs, and pigs are trying to build up a sufficient amount of meat farmer's heart beats calmly and contentedly. Even if all of his farm is located in the space of computer games, a good harvest, offspring of cattle and high levels of sales will be a solid basis for a good mood. Virtual farmers are much less than their real counterparts, but the pleasure of the process of growing plants and animals they receive no less. Cultivation of agricultural land in the virtual reality starts to get a little bit of land. Each player can drop one or more types of vegetables to sell the harvest to market and to put the money on the further development of the economy. If the player can build your farm as a business, so that for each sowing period he was able to buy new plants, equipment, expand the plots, it can safely consider yourself prosperous farmers. Modern large-scale farm can not do without livestock. As soon as the young farmer will get the opportunity, he definitely need to buy poultry, cows, goats, pigs, rabbits. All that makes raising animals, you can sell at a good price in the market. Every farmer should strive to constantly evolve, making new steps to a perfect economy. And the games are plenty of mechanical devices that make the care of the farm easy and efficient task. For example, in order to dig up part of the field, a player with a shovel is spending a few days, and the tractor does the same job for a couple of hours. In some farm games to keep an eye on seasonality and time in the computer universe. May depend on taking care of plants, selection of important lessons. Along with the cultivation of food, a gamer can also do drive-by business. For example, to make important and useful things. If he opens the cannery, then he collected cucumbers will have to bring much more profit. Or, if the milk with its huge farm to collect and recycle, you can get the excellent and expensive cheese. Sometimes at the farm, you can open a small shop and sell their products in bulk are not in the market, and separately to each buyer. In this case, it is necessary to take care that all customer needs are met and on the shelves has always been a decent assortment. The Wonder of farm games you can play in this section of the site. Become a prosperous farmer and let the computer of your neighbors will wonder largest apple and fatness of your piglets. To be successful in farming games, you should first undergo preliminary training simple.

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