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Extreme bmx games provide an opportunity to do dangerous stunts on bikes without danger to life. Reliable virtual bike will be a good friend to the child.

Sometimes the desire to engage in a particular sport encountering natural obstacles related to the geography of residence or age limit. If you are not near water, it's hard to go diving, surfing or yahtsportom. And if the person has not reached a certain age, he was not allowed to participate in extreme sports. But being a real fan of them, the imagination is able to help and provide an alternative to the "forbidden fruit" as close as possible to his favorite activities. That is exactly what BMX was born - a sport which has taken as a basis for just two areas: bicycle and motorcycle. It emerged in America in the sixties, and it came up with teenagers who, because of age could not engage in the motocross tracks with obstacles. But they put the motorcycle clothing, sat on the bike and started to drive on the driving track. From the outside it looked so attractive that began to appear new sports fans formed a branch, and it itself has been called BMX. He developed rapidly, which may serve as a confirmation of already formed in the seventies of the management body, which took responsibility for organizing and conducting bicycle / motocross BMX. Soon, a new trend has gained widespread and went beyond America, having been extended to the countries of Europe. In the early eighties there was the International BMX Federation and was the first world championship. If we trace the development of the VMH further, we see that in 1993 he was inducted into the International Cycling Union, ten years later, he was accepted into the program Summer Olympics Games in Beijing in 2008. Now BMX became a full-fledged sport that is in the archives of their own champions and they have set records. Like any sport, it is not only his fans, but also managed to accumulate new development to occupy them, special equipment, bicycles, also known as BMX, but also all kinds of obstacles for the routes. Not spared him the attention and bmx games online, where gamers are invited to test their strength virtually, to obtain prior experience before you make a final decision to engage in the sport in real life. In the online version are the same work for the passage of the route to the implementation of the set of tricks that in reality. Since the race, the athlete starts with a high launch, which can be up to half the height of four meters. The track has four sections in a straight line, the three curves and obstacles all along the way: the waves, triple or double springboard, steps and so on. Present and technique of "pumping" when a cyclist overcomes bumps without pedaling. Bmx games online and do not forget such things as flatland and freestyle. Flatland, which means "flat", also called "dancing" on the bike on flat ground where the athlete demonstrates a number of tricks. Freestyle (free style) integrates other areas: Park, Street, Dirt and Vert. Park (Park) includes a barrier similar to the street, but it has special adaptations - railings, trapeze, edges, jumps. Street (street) has overcome the city's architectural obstacles - stairs, railings, banisters, and others. Dirt goes on the road with hills and find themselves at the peak point, the athlete must perform another trick, for example, somersaults in the air. Style Vert - is riding the rail and demonstration of tricks on her high edges. But bmx games online make this sport safe.

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