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Developmental logic games in a row 3 online are a storehouse of good mood. 3 games in a row online help develop care and extraordinary thinking.

3 games in a row online occupy a place of honor among logical computer fun. It's no secret that knowledge workers are working at the computer, like from time to time interrupted for a particular game, allowing the head to shift attention to another object to later return to the workflow with the "rebooting" thoughts. This method of distraction from the main occupation has beneficial effects on the ability to work, allowing a person to relax a bit, then to "give birth" a new, unique idea. Along with the other logic games, games online 3 in a row perfectly suited for such a short and useful rest. A man in his thought process does not relax completely, and only changes his tactics, which can at any time to return to work. 3 online game in a row perfectly entertained and look attractive as always in a bright, high-quality, colorful graphics with rich ideas on the design. This line of games based on subjects as varied that any player, whether it be office worker, housewife or a child, will always find an interesting topic for themselves. This may be the seabed, the heavenly spaces, fairy and fantasy stories, pirate or military theme, ideas with natural elements, magic, story, cartoon characters and movies, and more. Each new game has its own nuances, but they all share a common sense - the movement of the same figures so that they are united in one chain and disappeared from the playing field. The chain must consist of at least three similar objects together (this explains the name of the game), but the longer able to make such a chain, the more bonus points you earn, and get support artifacts that will help in the passage of each level. With a new stage in the game, it will be complicated. There will be a chain, wood, stone and iron blocks, protective spells that do not allow to move the items on the field. To free them from obstacles, it is necessary several times arrange free pieces in such a way that they have done with a single chain closed. If the blocking chain or other locking element on one, after the first successful combination it wears off, opening access to it. If there is a double protection, have to work hard again to finally release the item. But as the game goes on time, does not always do all the manipulation time. Sometimes it is not enough just a moment to successfully cope with the task and move on to a new level. And then come to the aid hammers, lightning, bombs, axes, mixers, watches and other artifacts that break and undermine the chain with shields or increase the time for completion of the level. But it is necessary to use the artifacts reasonable - sparingly, as their recovery will take time. There are several versions of the game 3 in a row online. In some cases it is necessary when using a computer mouse to drag italics chips so as to arrange them in a row. Alternatively, just click on the same combination of elements to make them disappear, and the other on the field moved into a new combination. And there is a way to play, where using guns should aim colored balls into groups of similar. Exact hits guarantee success, which brings rewards and privileges. In each case mentioned there are the possibilities and ways to play. Range of support options, too discord, and this makes 3 games in a row online diverse, and more attractive to players of all generations and genders.

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Play online games for free 3 in a row can each visitor

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