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In Tetris play free online mode, no less fascinating than the good old days. Play Tetris for free has become even brighter and hotter than ever.

The simple computer fun can be many times more popular multi-level games with a complex plot. A striking example of this - Tetris. Despite its simplicity, it is still one of the most sought after toys and can even be the envy of those who met him for the first time. The essence of Tetris is very simple - with the top of the screen lowered blocks of various shapes. The player can move them left and right, roll out around a central axis. His task is to stack blocks appearing in solid lines at the bottom of the playing field. Once collected is at least one solid piece, it disappears, and the whole structure falls down a bit. If the gamer will not be able to remove the pile of blocks on time, it will create a nonvanishing obstruction that would interfere with lowering of the new pieces of the puzzle. In this case, the game ends up losing. In Tetris you can play for free with different levels of complexity. In the initial stages of the blocks fall very slowly and the player has the opportunity to think about how to change them and where to drop. But the speed gradually increases, and the need to make decisions very quickly, because the error will result in blockages and difficulties in creating continuous series. Play a game of Tetris for free can be a complicated conditions. For example, the first game at the bottom of the screen is assembled particular design of the units. The player must lower part of the new structure so as to fill the gaps and clear the whole playing field. The first Tetris game appeared in slot machines, set-top boxes and special portable devices. Then they were created with simple graphics, but is now a game of Tetris you can play online for free with a surprisingly colorful solutions. Blocks are colorful, stylized popular cartoons, other well-known games. In the mini-games are often made significant changes in the rules of the classic Tetris. For example, the units can not fall down, and climb up. Or together with the preparation of a solid row of blocks, you need to pay attention to the color details - omitting colorful designs, you need to collect more of the same row and then they will disappear from the field. Tetris game play allows even very short time, although in the capable hands of gamers it can last almost indefinitely - Tetris can be put on pause and then come back to it, when there will be a break from work or daily duties. To play Tetris online is enough to use just a few buttons - to move the figures of "left-right" for their deployment. In this section of the website you will find a classic version of Tetris and its various options.

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