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Become the star driver of a yellow car, discovering Game taxi and drive in search of customers urban jungle for hours.

Unusual game in which you can feel the famous yellow car driver - it's game cab. The main objective of these games - it's passengers and haul them to the designated place of the fastest ways without harming the machine and those who are in it. All you need to know to manage - is pushing the button up, which is equivalent to pressing the gas pedal, the back button - the brake pedal, press left and right - can steer in the right direction and buttons M / N - on / off music. This allows easy control with the wind ride any client, the only way to keep him happy and paid a good tip. Drive a taxi - it is, in fact, a high-speed adventure, which is full of extreme sports, as there are many obstacles, particularly in the form of pedestrians, traffic jams and dense urban traffic. Our selection of games taxi allow you to drive a yellow car and drive through many towns in search of good customers and a real adventure. Even without a driver's license, you can earn points and become virtually rich, thanks to the interesting activities. To drive through New York on a hot afternoon or a ride on the night shift in his own taxi permit such games, and you are sure to be pleased by these unforgettable adventure. Attempts to bring the customer on time at the designated place can be very funny, and counting virtual revenue will undoubtedly be an enjoyable experience. New records will bring you a lot of satisfaction from the game. Our collection of games taxi has a variety of options, the graphics are, of course, is different in each. There is a very funny game with funny yellow toy cars and funny little creatures that are sure to give a good mood just by their appearance. And there are very close to reality car and the road, rolling on which will be a real challenge and an enjoyable, memorable experience. In any case, fans of extreme driving cars and will be satisfied by this kind of games, because the stories and opportunities Games taxi inimitable and unforgettable. You still have not decided how would you like to spend your free time, but you know exactly what you want to spend it fun and interesting? We will help you in making such an important decision. All you need to get real pleasure - is a computer with internet access, go to our website in the category of games cab, pick your favorite one and forward to meet clients, speed and good mood in the cheerful company.

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