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In sudoku play for free will be very interesting to fans of crossword puzzles. In sudoku play online - which means to develop yourself and your intelligence.

Numerical Sudoku puzzle have now become extremely popular - they are published in newspapers and magazines are available in separate collections, are the basis of computer games. History of Sudoku started from the XVIII century. Then the first puzzle was created "Latin square", which became the basis for Sudoku. The global popularity of these puzzles began with the 80-ies of the last century, when Japanese newspapers have started to regularly publish Sudoku, which received a special response from the readers. Sudoku rules are fairly simple, but in order to become the champion of this game, you need to spend a lot of time and mental effort. The playing field is divided into 81 cell. This is a square 9 by 9, which is in turn divided into smaller squares - 3 of 3 cells. Initially, some cells have already entered the puzzle numbers that are called prompts. The player's task is to insert the empty field is a number from 1 to 9, but they must not be repeated in any vertical or in horizontal lines or in small inner square. Flash games allow you to play Sudoku for free from the classical rules. These toys are no different from newspaper puzzles, and they have also seriously think about solutions, even recording their own versions on separate sheets to correctly solve the entire puzzle. In Sudoku can be played online with different designs - the playing field can be styled with wood or made in the form of graphite board. Browser games offer a variety of variations on the theme of Sudoku, in which you need to put in the cells not numbers game, and, say, images of flowers, fruit, cartoon characters, a variety of sushi. The essence of this game little changed - you need to solve the puzzle so that the columns, rows and squares of the "3 by 3" set the image never repeated. Lovers of Chinese game of mahjong is to try Sudoku Mahjong knuckles. Experienced connoisseurs Sudoku online play will be very easy and fun. This also applies to beginners who are doing their first steps in the development of these puzzles. They should start with the easiest difficulty levels, in which puzzles are solved deductive reflections. Sudoku is the entry level can be solved very quickly, just by clicking them as seeds. But sometimes challenging puzzles and a few hours is not enough. For those who will seriously get involved in Sudoku, is to learn about different methods of their solutions. They are well defined and can handle even the most complex tasks. Perhaps the gamer will be able to devise their own method and Sudoku solutions. To play Sudoku online, you can download one of the games in this section of our website. Ready to experience the real possibilities of their thinking?

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Play free online games Sudoku can each

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