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Surf the universe in his own spaceship space will allow online play. Fantastic graphics and exciting battle - this space games online.

Unlimited space gives game developers inexhaustible ground for fantasy. Fly in spaceships, laser guns to fight with plates aliens, discover new stars, defend your planet from alien invasion - in the virtual space can become a member of fascinating events, to plunge into the adventure game. Space strategy - a very interesting genre in which the gamer becomes the ruler of the new colony, it develops mining resources, science and technology. There will need to take care of many of the parameters of the state - the food, gold, ore, the level of citizens' health, profitability built factories. Space race are among the placers of meteorites between the huge glowing stars. Space online games offer very different ships - plates, huge intergalactic ships, maneuvering space fighters. The astronauts in the computer world know that you need to have good weapons to defend themselves from attacks by malicious enemies, or else they will become victims of lasers. Sometimes the mini-games to fly over the surface of the recently discovered planet, explore new territories, disarm militias hostile troops. There are also adventure games, in which you want to control a figure astronaut, fighting alien monsters. In these games you need to gradually develop your weapons, buy new equipment. Sometimes you can find useful items in the game - for example, a box of ammunition or a special crystal that opens the teleport to another universe. Astronauts often become participants in the computer quests. This is understandable - the man got on a new planet, and there he will meet with strange life forms, mysterious puzzles, deadly. Gamer clicks on various objects in the game world and helps the hero to fulfill its mission, to collect valuable artifacts, find treasures, get to the higher levels. Space games are being made as a very simple, requiring very little time and complex, multi-layered, with a lot of obstacles. Flash games on the theme of space can be made in the genre of arcade simple: the player makes space rockets fly without incident required her to the planet. These games require ships to past dangerous black holes and withdraw from the field of devastating meteor stream. In this section, we collected a huge variety of gaming space. Enjoy exciting adventure, super high-speed racing, conquer new planets, solar systems and galaxies.

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