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Old games Sonic's found a second life on the Internet, and now you can play Sonic X online free of charge and without registration.

Sonic the Hedgehog - a unique creature. It can develop a supersonic speed, why is considered to be the fastest hedgehog in the world. In addition, he can teleport, stop time, to destroy their enemies in a single bound on their heads. Of course, all this only happens in the space of computer games, but Sonic does not make it less exciting hero. It is popular all over the world and the vast majority of gamers have at least heard about him and his adventures. The first game with Sonic appeared in 1991, and has since been released many of its sequels and varieties. Sonic got loyal friends, his adventures were developed in an environment of different game consoles, operating systems. Now there are a lot of flash games with Sonic, you can play for free in your browser. In this section of the site we have collected for you to play Sonic X, in which old friends once again plunge into the universe of favorite hedgehog, and new fans will discover a great adventure, full of serious risks and amazing treasures. Sonic X - is a Japanese animated television series, made in the genre of anime. Sonic the Hedgehog has become his main hero. He is continuing to fight the insidious Egg and other enemies of the Emperor, known for games, comics and cartoons with Sonic. In Sonic X can be played online, repeating his feats from the movie. Here hedgehog collects gold rings, rolls around the game world with incredible speed. Along the way he finds a variety of hazards: a bottomless abyss, evil beings. A gamer has to be very clever to prevent the death of his hero and successfully bring it to the end of the level. In the mini-games, Sonic often try their skills in a variety of game genres, different from the classic toys. He, for example, can ride a bike, scooter or car speed, racing. He tried his hand at sports, riding a skateboard. Sonic is friends with another famous game character, Mario, and they often frequented the guests to each other. So Sonic can be in the world of Mario and jump on the heads of the evil mushrooms rescue the princess. Flash games offer a variety of puzzles featuring Sonic and other characters in this game series. Here, for example, to collect a number of identical images. There are also games, coloring pages, where you can create a unique Sonic. Games like Sonic X and small children who are just starting their familiarity with computer entertainment, and experienced gamers who choose from a huge variety of games only the best. Ready to take control of unprecedented power and astounding speed of Sonic? How much bonus will gather at what levels would be released?

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Play online games for free Sonic X may each

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