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Try to play snooker online and have plenty of intelligence and invaluable skills in billiards. These games will please fans of billiards.

Snooker - a kind of billiards, which originated in the second half of the XIX century. It was not long, and snooker has become very popular, world championships have been started in this sport. Since the mid XX century snooker started broadcast on television, was conducted Snooker world rankings. The popularity of snooker and translated it into a space of computer games. Who created many flash versions of this game and to succeed in them, you can not have no experience of the real snooker. Terms snookered a bit different from other games of billiards. There are 15 red balls, 6 colored and one white ball. White called the "cue ball", as it is for him and the player has cue from him all the other balls hammered in the pocket. Of the 15 red balloons formed a pyramid game, you want to break up the first beat. 6 balls of different colors are set in certain places the table. The purpose of the game is not only to score all the balls in the pocket, but also in earning game points. Most "cheap" in snooker - it's the red balls, the most "expensive" - ​​black. While still on the table red balls of other colors come back after scoring on its original place. In addition to more complex rules, snooker is different from other types of billiard table and some major features of the pockets. In snooker online play is also possible and this can be an excellent alternative to the big game, which is so often not enough time. Just download one of the flash snooker simulation in this section of our website and you can work out the intricate beats, set an amazing record. Snooker in mini-games will suit both beginners as for the success it did not need to adjust themselves to the cue. As with all types of virtual billiards, snooker player on the computer shows a general view of the table and offers to make an impact on the white ball in any direction. It appears a virtual cue and very often for the convenience of gamers approximate direction of the ball flight features a special dotted line. Snooker player should not just hit the balls, and to think a few moves ahead, trying to make my game more efficient. It is important to always calculate the position of the white ball for the next shot. Experienced players are trying to put it in the place of the table, from which it will be convenient to score in the pocket "expensive" balls. Snooker - it is also a tactical game in which you need as long as possible to leave the red balls on the field, because this is the way to bonus record. Often, the browser-based mini-games offered snooker with simplified rules. Different toys implemented various graphics solutions and management features. Ready to become a virtual snooker champion?

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Play free online games Snooker everyone can

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