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If you are fans of The Simpsons little family, the Simpsons game will be a real boon for you. In The Simpsons Game play is very fun and interesting.

There is hardly a person unfamiliar with the little family The Simpsons. It brought together the brightest representatives of the society to set off each other in the manifestations of nature. They serve as a kind of stimulus to the community, but everyone will be able to find them yourself if you have a low capacity for self-criticism. Dumb and lazy Homer does not notice their own flaws, but is happy to make fun of others. His relationship with his son Bart is not uncommon in real families, which vividly shows us the problem of fathers and children. Yes, and Bart is not a gift and daring antics bring to the tantrums are not only members of his own family, but also of others. Lisa Simpson though and learns well, but pretty arrogant person, and it can easily be called a snob. Marge - the wife of Homer and mother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie, takes care of the welfare of the family leads an active social life, and trying to put a good face on a bad game. It smooths out all the conflicts but, at times, her nerves could not stand the load and then she gets involved in the adventure. And only a small Merz, who still does not know how to speak and walk, has an innate wisdom, often saves family from self-destruction and points the way out of difficult situations. The animated series began publishing in 1989 and still continues to delight us. It periodically banned in different countries and even gave him to court for allegedly promoting anti-social manifestations. Moralists advocated its closure, but that mean the desire of politicians who do not want to turn out their dirty linen in public, compared to popular rumor? If it were not for corrupt officials and unscrupulous police officers on hand, duplicitous priests, drug addicts and alcoholics, parasites and liars, creators of the series just would have nothing to show, and he curled a natural way. But until society got rid of these diseases, it will be ridiculed in products such as animated series about a little family The Simpsons, which manifested itself in versions of The Simpsons Game. Opening this column is for you, we wanted to give admirers of the famous family another opportunity to talk with them and maybe feel a part of it. With Homer can absorb gallons of beer, quarrels with his son and neighbors, resulting in an armed attack. And when the others get tired of their die-hard, they arm themselves and begin to hunt for them. Homer often loses his job because of the colossal laziness. His motto - which would not work, but would not work! In one version of the game you will be with him at a nuclear power plant, where a bunch of different buttons, levers and signs. With Homer click on anything that you are interested in and watch the inadequate reaction of the main character. And with its participation is entertaining games to play Simpsons quest where he will have to rescue his kidnapped wife - Marge. As usual, it is necessary to collect items, use them in a timely manner, and solve puzzles. Moving the signs, eyeing the situation and look for the right way out. On the way you will encounter and the dangers in the form of ever-smokers sisters Marge and death. Offering you a Simpsons games online, we have tried to collect all of the most popular and entertaining stories that cover all members of this family. Simpsons 3 games online - it's a lot of plot lines and stories in various genres. Fans of racing pursuers with Bart on a motorcycle, car theft and will flee from the police. With Lisa Simpsons online games give you a ride on a snowboard and offered to tell the difference, and numerous coloring books and puzzles will remind you of a scene from the series.

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Play free online games Simpsons and everyone can

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