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Games for girls secretary give a detailed idea of ​​what should be the correct way of a successful secretary.

The office employs many staff and everyone is engaged in a specific case. But the most intense is the role of secretary, which is the face of the company and the conductor of the workflow. The idea is that this role should belong to the boss, and in fact the way it is, but the leader does not give orders directly to each slave separately. He sends his orders to his secretary, and already it brings them to the attention of a colleague. Such orders her many and we must all remember all the exact pass, not to hurt the working process. At the secretary should be a great memory, but not worth the risk and better record everything in a notebook. In addition, it is obliged to receive faxes and send them to disassemble the e-mail, answer the phone, the chief cook coffee and sandwiches, to receive visitors. She has a lot of different work that fills the day bustle, and eloquently tell the game for girls secretary. In them you will be able to experience for yourself, what the work is and how to cope with it. Career many girls begins c this starting point, and therefore must be prepared to patiently endure all the hardships of everyday work. But since all the leaders want their assistant looked fine, will have to keep pace with direct beauty right in the workplace. We should not get caught in the act on the eye boss, not that is possible to obtain a reprimand and lose the premium. The secretary - is the lowest level of the career hierarchy. She has no right to argue with anyone, but if there is a cunning and clever, he can make his life is not so complicated. Beautiful girls are jealous because Wipe your nose and the other half of the representatives of women's office and be ever more beautiful of all. If you must always be cosmetic, so that at any time to correct the lipstick on the lips, blush on the cheeks, to bring the cilia eyes in pencil and ink, and marigolds give extra shine and freshness of the new varnish. Beautiful clothes on a figure - this is your trump card. In the wardrobe of games for girls secretary, you will find the most seductive and fashionable outfits, about what you can dream. But one does not vyedesh appearance, which means we have to work hard. I have time to do all the work and errands head, and then no one can accuse you of incompetence, and this is the right way up the career ladder. If exhausted empty quibbling employees, you can afford a little hooliganism and "annoy" offenders. When revenge fails, it is particularly sweet. In some games you offer to throw paper balls at the hated employees, and at other times even be possible to pour the hated boss something nasty in a cup of coffee. Only we have to act with caution, lest he noticed another idea would fail and leave a great scandal. You do not want to be fired. But the work - it's not just boredom and mutual subring. At work, often tied a romantic relationship. Despite the fact that corporate novels are not welcome, no one can deny fall in love. And stay close to your loved one all day and not being able to hug him so hard. Willy-nilly, looking for an excuse to retire to a passionate kiss, hiding behind the coffee machine in the pantry or just around the corner. Such feelings are understandable, but it's best not to show them open, and try not to fall on my eyes and the team boss. Playing games for girls secretary, you will be able to dress up their characters, they do makeup, hair, manicure. You will be able to kiss attractive manager, but will have to work a lot.

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Play online games for free can every secretary

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