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In Samorost 3 play is to get into a real beautiful fairy tale with consummate a dwarf, in which you will experience unpredictable and unique experiences.

In 2003, Jakub Dvorsky has created a unique product of a computer game called «Samorost» (Samorost), to transfer the title of which can still be as "identity." The main character of the game - a little man, who lovingly calls Jakub Gnome. This game belongs to the species amateur quests and executed in a rather non-trivial style. This genre is the most attractive sight, despite the fact that the gameplay is very primitive. But by design, because all of the attention paid to the story line, without distracting the player in the unnecessary details. But Yakubu was able to "give birth" a truly magnificent creation. Despite the muted colors, he created the world so surreal that automatically start to examine it in detail. A musical arrangement that accompanies the game, his thoughts in an unusual direction. The player seemed immersed in the atmosphere of the metaphysical world and becomes part of it. Author's work stands out and is not unusual interest in her unabated, although c after its release has been a long time. And fans of the genre "quest" can enjoy a great game and save the planet from destruction of the protagonist in a collision with an asteroid, it is absolutely free. After a while, Dvorsky enlisted the assistance of web design studio «Amanita Design» and released sequel - «Samorost II». Now the brave little gnomes had to rescue his dog from alien captivity. But if the first part is provided to users free of charge, the new toy is only partly makes this possible. After beating the game for a few minutes, the player is offered to buy it to find out what's next. But the price is rather symbolic, and therefore available to everyone. «Samorost II» zhe is made in the style as the previous version, and therefore excites the attention of not less interesting. Successful project always attracts attention and awakens the desire to continue in the new versions. Fans constantly scouring the Internet in search of Samorost 3 to play. Our gaming web portal offers available with the interpretation of the popular games from other authors. Of course, this does not replace the original, but it's a good idea was picked up by other developers and offered on a strict court players gourmets. For those products that we offer, you will find different ideas, and be able to calm your little impatient waiting for the sequels of Jacob. Sure, Dvorsky has become recognizable to their perception of the world, expressed in computer games. If you're a fan of his work, surely you know the game «Machinarium» about the world of robots. It traced the same handwriting and style of the author, and his penchant for metaphors, surrealism. He calls the players for a place where space, time, and constantly changing shape, refract, offer to test himself in a new way and to learn to think outside the box. Samorost 3 play will allow you to become a part of the unreal, fantasy, and metamorphosis. If you are first faced with a similar focus, you will be surprised ease of gameplay, which does not spoil, but on the contrary - the game is good. Muted tones evoke mystery, and the music keeps in a special mood. All parts of the world Dwarf drawn to detail, and a scrutiny of delivering real pleasure. This is an unusual, strange, and delectable tale that leaves an indelible mark on the soul and the aftertaste disheveled thoughts. If you are looking for a miracle, wonder and want to get a unique experience, Samorost 3 start playing now.

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Play free online games Samorost and everyone can

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