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Prototype games are dynamic and fascinating story-action game that tells the story of a superhero who can run on the walls and grow their claws and take images of their enemies.

In 2009 was made on the light of the game called Prototype. This game is in the style of action attracted the attention of a great number of fans thanks to its built in a precise and well-thought-out plot. The protagonist of the game - a mutant named Alex, is endowed with incredible powers, ranging from unlimited fighting qualities, and ending with the ability to "absorb" the defeated enemies by reading their memory, and even taking their appearance. The ability to scan information from the memory of others is the key to the game, because it is thanks to this gift, you will find out how it happened that an ordinary guy named Alex Mercer became a monstrous mutant - a killing machine. In the game you have to use superhuman abilities your character to overcome obstacles and destroying enemies. The game is set in New York City, whose population was hit by a monstrous virus. In the city of anarchy, panic and chaos as riot "Black Watch" is not able to control the huge number of mutants, so you have to fight, and with the law and with infected blood-thirsty half human, but the worst enemy for you to be militant mutants, which are called hunters. A prototype of the game, presented on our website reproduce the original theme of this exciting action shooting games. But the most interesting thing in this game - its zest, which consists in a set of quests that you need to do for a successful progress through the levels. Therefore, the game prototype - this is not a simple bloody shooter, and an interesting exercise for the convolutions of the brain. Online flash games theme prototype, one way or another connected with the story line of the "Prototype". You can enjoy shooters, quests and action game to the fullest, playing games prototype on our site. In the original game you have to find a solution to the catastrophic events that occurred in one of the large cities in the world as well, the answer to your transformation into a superman. Answers to these questions should be the basis for the restoration of the old order of things and return to normal life in the city and around the world. As you progress through the game you will be able to communicate with people, one way or another involved in the events happening to you, from which you will learn the details of your past life, which led to the catastrophe. Of course, for technical reasons, flash games may not always correspond to the storyline of the original game, but access to them is much easier. Play online and have fun.

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Play online games for free can each prototype

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