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Popular Action Game Prince of Persia imbued with the spirit of the East and adventure. Play Prince of Persia - it means to overcome the mazes, solve puzzles and fight enemies.

Romantic and sometimes scary legend east attract us with their mystery and adventure. One such legend - a legend of Prince of Persia (the ancient name of the country that now has the name of Iran). This brave hero of the epic stories, returning from one of his aggressive campaign, found that the city of his brother enslaved by the barbarians and invaders. He alone has to deal with all the ambushes, and win the battle. For explanation of this legend was created, perhaps, one of the first computer games, which was the beginning of a series and category under the name of the game Prince of Persia. Now you can play Prince of Persia online anytime and anywhere, provided that you have access to the Internet. The first of the games of the Prince of Persia was established in 1989 by Jordan Mechner and his brother under the label of Broderbund. The game is very fast taking its leading position in the rankings and gained immense popularity due to the smooth and very natural rotoscoping animation technology. The main villain in the game is a sight Jafar trying to start a revolution in Persia, while the Sultan is located in a military campaign. But even received power becomes a little greedy Jafar, he takes captive princess and makes her an ultimatum: either marry that scoundrel or die. It was at this moment there is the main character - a true lover of Princess, ready to go through fire and water for the sake of the beloved. But the first thing he has to do - is to escape from the prison of Jafar. The game has an unlimited number of lives, and there is a time limit after which the princess would be put to death for disobedience. If a character dies, it moves to the top level, but time moves continuously, so even the survivors, but before he could complete a level in the allotted time, you will lose. If he loses vitality, he can restore it with the elixir. The game is full of traps and trapping hazards at every turn. And as at each entrance to the maze will meet the guards, who will be able to win, just by selecting the correct tactics of battle. If we manage to complete the game, then the reward will embrace the princess and the authority of the sultan. Look something like the very first game of the many incarnations of the legend. The continuation of the first game was the next part of the "Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame", released in 1994 by the same company. In 1999 he published the third part, entitled "Prince of Persia 3D», is the repetition of the story of the first game, but in a three-dimensional version, and so goes on.

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Play online game Prince of Persia free and everyone can

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