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Pokemon games will be a real friend for you to spend your free time that extremely interesting. A very common and popular Pokemon games on the Internet.

Everyone who was a kid in the nineties of the last century, certainly know who is hiding under the interesting name - Pokemon. The known and the main Pokemon Pikachu know, even those who did not face closely with these fun characters. In general Pokémon universe has approximately 500 species of them. In 1997, for the Nintendo were released the first two games with these fun monsters, and since then little gamers indifferent to such pastimes. Computer games for pocket monsters out of the box - it's a whole era with its own history. According to legend, these miniature create a variety of shapes and sizes, Pokémon inhabit the planet with the people and they need the custody of the mankind. They do not know how to speak, and the man for Pokemon - is a coach who guides him through life and caring for him. In the Pokemon games to play is very interesting, especially to children, but not only. There are a great many options for entertainment, such that you can create for a Pokémon trainer, participate in bright battles such small creatures, or be present in the exciting adventures with them. Typically, computer games based on any movie or a cartoon, and in the case of Pokémon was just the opposite - a series of animated comics Anime and Manga and full-length cartoon movie in the beginning of the two thousandth was established on the basis of appearing before the games. The positive characteristics that have Pokemon games are important enough. This is encouraging children to read, because in these games you need to read a lot, and help in the development of numeracy skills, strategic thinking and learning, and the development of memory and attention, and a morale boost, and more. All Japanese wisdom and psychology lies in games of Pokémon. With these tiny heroes can participate in races on a motorcycle, playing paintball and still do a lot of interesting things. Thus, you can test yourself on the speed and accuracy and reaction time to practice. After all, these miniature pokemonchiki quite nimble and keep up with them is not easy. In such games, children and parents can play together and enjoy spending time with each other. On our site you can find a large collection of games on the pocket monsters that can be played for free. As for the game genres, which made the game Pokemon, this strategy, action, racing, puzzles and many others. If you want to gain new experiences and learn a fun and exciting world of Pokemon, then play with these characters await you.

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Play free online games Pokémon can each

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