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Rob ships at sea, shoot a gun and fight with swords allow pirates online games. Pirate paraphernalia and unimaginable graphics will give unique emotions.

Pirates always embodied the free spirit, the ability to travel, to live according to their own unwritten laws, challenges and overcoming them. They are shrouded in romance and free-thinking. A lot of the perception of such a bother to cinemas and writers, creating an image of sea wolves, the conquerors of the elements and the laws of man. Book novels about pirates netted children and their parents, who have not lost the spirit of adventure. Movies about pirates cause universal enthusiasm, especially after the stories of Jack Sparrow. Not surprisingly, the pirates appeared online games cause a stir by offering their version of events. Despite the fact that the essence of piracy - is robbery, murder, poverty, disease, injury, and the gallows, as a natural way of ending the life of each filibuster, we continue to admire their adventures that promise mountains of gold. This eternal pursuit of the pirates for the coveted yellow metal only in movies and books crowned with success, but in reality they rarely had more than a couple of pennies on the cheap rum. But there was another kind of piracy - legalized. Corsairs in essence no different from the pirates out of the law. But with government support, is perfectly legitimate corsairs could attack in its waters by vessels of countries with which at the moment of their country was at war. Tempting prey became merchant ships. All that were able to steal, leaving the corsairs themselves by paying a small percentage of their king. Thus, the state treasury was enriched and justified the permission to plunder. This little history gives an idea of ​​who the pirates are legalized and illegal. But in the literature, to film scripts and computer products, it does not matter, because the pirates - it's cool, and girls love them. Pirates of the online games offer game with a long story or a mini passing. Most often it is ignorant of the characters - a cocked hat on his head and a bandana with skulls, eye patch, a crutch instead of legs, a raft or boat to the developing black-and-crossbones flag on it - and you're a pirate. But after the audience acquainted with the Black Pearl and Jack Sparrow, computer games vied to exploit the image of the famous bandit and now you can see it even in the smallest of games with a straightforward plot. It is in these kids love to play and overcome obstacles, trying to get the main prize - the treasure. Playing in pirate games, you'll pass the maze, to take on board the ship sailing vessel by shooting them with the nuclei of the gun, look for buried chests of gold, fight with sabers, pistols, and even in the cards. Even the little Dora once changed into a pirate and began to collect the gold coins scattered on the ship. A Scooby-Doo and his friend in a series of games will fight with the pirates, and even sink to the sea bottom, where they had taken refuge from prying eyes. Often in a pirate theme and style side game. For example, a card game can be called a pirate style or herself to have a deck design match. Folding the puzzles of the pirates brings pleasure to those who are indifferent to the subject and loves puzzles. Coloring Games Dress Up or meet the needs of young gamers who prefer to combine your favorite activity with the original theme of the story. Play a game about pirates, you fill your leisure enthusiasm and the spirit of freedom. Let this imaginary representation will only last a few hours, but it will leave an indelible mark on your soul and lift your spirits.

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