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Pirates of the Caribbean game created based on the legendary blockbuster. Beautiful graphics and adventure stories will immerse players in a world of bright battles and unforgettable emotions.

Pirate theme has always been attractive and exciting. On these sea bandits difficult to write a boring story, because their life is filled with adventure and danger. They are in a constant race for the gold, and buried treasure. And certainly treasure hidden on a desert island and only being able to decipher the secret characters, you can move forward in search of information which must carry the risk associated with the risk of their lives. We are used to the image of pirates as romantic water depths, daring rogues and unrestrained, but cheerful drunks. However, the contemporaries of this phenomenon is not treated them with so much love. The pirates were God's punishment for merchant ships were often attacked by them. Robberies and ruthless murder - that's what did you do in fact pirates. Chests of gold at all would not be enough, and this is fiction writers to give the look of hardened criminals luster. But staying in a century, we are pleased to read novels and watch movies about pirates. A true masterpiece of cinema is safe to call the film series "Pirates of the Caribbean", where in the starring Johnny Depp, once again confirming the glory of the most charismatic and talented actor. The film earned millions in fees from car and broke all records of popularity. This success did not go unnoticed, and soon there were computer games pirates of the Caribbean Sea. In 2003, the company Akella has released the game under the same name. Before the player unfold numerous locations where there are houses, bilges, jungles, beaches and other places. As the main character is selected Nathaniel Hawk, and as they pass, you have to raise its performance, adding skills, abilities and experience. Among fighting arsenal is cold and firearms. But it is necessary to take into account some of the features - features bladed weapons have no effect on their ability to own firearms and have to constantly reload after each shot, which is pretty uncomfortable in a critical situation. The game has a lot of models of ships, from heavy to light. In this they differ from those present in the film. During the game you will come across vintage items that will reinforce you financially if they sell. So try to pick up finds. The battles look very beautiful and quite realistic. You have to go through the fire, punched holes in the nuclei of the ship's hull and other damage - torn sails, the mast fell. Around smoke, screams and groans of the wounded, victorious, and egged cheers. And when the ship was taken on board the ship, begins the real robbery. In the course of the game will have to participate in the discussions, choosing from the options desired replica. During the game, Pirates of the Caribbean you're looking for treasure, fight the living dead, skeletons fighting with Satanists, to help the priest, look for artifacts, conduct secret correspondence, obtain saber Nicholas Sharpe, see the Inca temple and perform many more missions. In 2007 users had continued the game, which was embodied in the new series, "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" where the foundation on stories of two films, "At World's End" and "Dead Man's Chest" and working on her company Eurocom Entertainment Software and Buena Vista Games. Apart from the issue of these great games, players are offered a number of other ideas expressed in the mini-quests, coloring, puzzles, dress up games, a maze, card versions, search for items for similarities and differences.

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Play online game Pirates of the Caribbean free and everyone can

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