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Test your knowledge and win a million possible if O Lucky to play online. Become a scholar and an intellectual, and O Lucky online play will be a pleasure.

TV game, "O Lucky Man" is based on the popular all over the world quiz, which appeared in different countries under different names. The essence of all such quizzes total - the leader asks a question to the player, and offers him a couple of options. If he answers correctly, his score falls a certain amount of money. If a player makes a mistake, the game stops and earnings burns. The game has a number of "non-combustible" figures. For example, after the party quiz answers the fifth question and earns 1,000 rubles, even after a mistake in the next answer, he will not lose this one thousand. If the player is faced with a very difficult issue for themselves and do not want to risk already earned finances, he can refuse to participate further until he gives a final answer to the question sounded. All in the game, "O Lucky Man" features 15 questions. Now Oh lucky you can play online, if you download one of the toys based on this quiz. Here, the program incorporated a variety of questions and answers to them. The essence of the game completely different from the TV version, but instead of real money players earn virtual rewards. Management of these toys are extremely simple - you need to click on one of the responses, and once it becomes clear whether it is the right one. Some games of this style offer the gamer to choose topics of questions. For example, the historian can improve their knowledge in this area. A fan of space exploration will be able to answer questions about distant galaxies, black holes and comets. In order to get from such a quiz maximum pleasure, should understand that they are not made for testing the level of erudition. The main purpose of the answers to tricky questions of the game "O Lucky Man" can be called the expansion of horizons, getting to know something new and interesting. Sometimes it is the answer to a question will give a person more knowledge than reading an entire book. In about a lucky online play will be able to both adults and children. But we must take care that the kids got to the questions that are age appropriate and respective capabilities. After all, if you give a child extremely complex issues, it will quickly lose interest in the game and can not get away from it no joy, no good. In the browser-based mini-games are also an English version of the quiz, which can be a great help in learning a foreign language. Play the "O Lucky Man" in this section of our website. Do not worry if at first tasks will seem very difficult - step by step you will learn a lot and be able to easily answer most of the questions.

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Play online games for free on lucky can one

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