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Well Wait free games - are the games of childhood and nostalgia. Remember how we were catching eggs in the good old days and start playing Oh Wait for free.

In the well-known Soviet cartoon "Well, wait a minute! "Wolf chasing hare, but instead gets a tasty dinner alone in trouble. These adventures were continued also in the space of computer toys. One of the first games based on the "Just you wait! "Was released as a portable device," Electronics ". On a black and white screen appeared a wolf, and he had to catch a falling out of the four compartments of the egg. The player controls movements of a wolf, pressing the four buttons - the wolf substitutes the basket, and the egg does not break. Gradually, the rate of occurrence of eggs increases significantly and need to exercise dexterity, not to miss any, because if there is a certain amount of broken eggs, the game is over losing. The role of the hare in the entertainment was very limited - he periodically appears from the window, apparently in order to distract the wolf from the collection of egg harvest. Now this toy is also embodied in the flash version. Here are a gamer sees a copy of the Soviet apparatus, and pressing the button, simply by pointing the mouse over them. There is also a game where the same gameplay is implemented with a more modern graphics solution - wolf is not like a cartoon character, but it is embodied in a color image. And he no longer runs up to the compartments with eggs, but only moves his hand with a basket. In this flash game is characterized as a system of control: a gamer moves the basket with the arrow keys on the keyboard. There are similar games, which involve not a wolf, as, for example, a sly fox, made his way to the chicken coop and collecting tasty testicles. In today's games added additional features and a variety of levels. For example, sometimes drop the precious eggs, which bring not one, but once 10 or 100 points. And the game process is divided into stages - they may be limited by time or number of eggs collected. Oh wait free games are also created in other genres. There are a variety of puzzles, made in the style of the cartoon. Here you need to collect a series of several identical images of balls of the same color. Or assemble a coherent picture of the separate pieces. There is also a toy-walker, in which the wolf chasing a hare and a gamer tries to escape from the cruel persecutor - a game created for the 8-bit consoles. There are many games in which also involved a hungry wolf, but it does not look like the image of the Soviet cartoon and wolf hunts this is not the hare, and, say, the sheep. These toys also like lovers endless chase "Well, wait a minute! . " In this section of the website you can play for free Just you wait and try other games of similar subjects.

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Play online games for free Just you wait and everyone can

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