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Modern new games for girls Moxie - it's a great opportunity to learn about the new series of dolls and be their best friend.

Doll - it's not just a toy but a companion and friend of every girl. With them they conduct confidential conversations, organize tea parties and fancy evening. In different situations, doll can take part in the game playing house, the next moment turn into a best friend or a super model. Some dolls of the girls, there is such an attachment that they remain close to his mistress forever. And when a girl becomes a woman, and she gained her children, plastic girlfriend goes to him by inheritance, continuing the journey of life. In some families accustomed antique dolls made of porcelain or more tissues that have come into our world from the past centuries and changed their status to family heirloom. They have no one else is playing, because it's not a game in every sense of the word, but a valuable artifact, the witness of past eras, old exhibit. Dolls, which were produced in the Soviet era, had a special grace and names. But the modern elegance of the forms can be proud, stylish and extravagant outfits, as well as sounding names - Barbie, Bratz, Winx, Moxie. But beyond the beauty they possess popular, and the creators have taken care to provide them with talents that appear in the animated television series and feature, as well as in computer games. Games for girls talk about Moxie dolls Sasha, Sofina, Lex, Avery. They are famous for their boundless energy, courage, initiative, daring and energetic character. Lex confronts us sensual and languid, Sasha seems subtle, refined, Avery pleases their enthusiasm and Sofina looks wistful and romantic. All together they make a great tandem and complement each other. Given the nature of each, you can come up with for their great fashionable clothes, dolls respective natures. Trendy hairstyles - this is another way to emphasize their non-triviality. The length of the hair and the color changes fast and easy. Just choose and apply it on the doll. In the life of such metamorphoses are not real, as opposed to games for girls Moxie. To buy these costumes and wigs will need an impressive capital. It is unlikely that parents approve of your desire to create conditions for the royal inanimate girlfriend by emptying their wallet. But in the virtual world, nothing is impossible, and the potential is unlimited. Do not forget to take care of the make-up and manicure for Moxie. Putting them on a disco, pick a bright dress and apply make-up, choose a nail polish with glitter, flashy jewelry to glittered and discarded rays are refracted in the spotlight. Another thing themed holidays - Halloween, Patrick's day, Christmas and others. Each celebration has its own rules of dress, and you learn about them, playing games for girls Moxie. Here you will be able to change not only the hair and clothes, but also the color of the skin. Light shade change it to gold or chocolate completely. This would mean that one of the bridesmaids visited the sunny resort. Submit to Moxie dolls dating, traveling, sports halls. Or you can master any profession and try role baker, secretary, models, journalists, athletes. But suddenly riding a motorcycle or on the role of adventurer wild places you enjoy most? It's colorful, attractive in its simplicity, positive attitude, games. With these dolls, you can add puzzles, paint a picture, find the differences, similarities and hidden objects - all these games for girls Moxie.

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Play online games for free can Moxie each

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