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Memory Games for girls - it's a great tool to increase IQ. Games on the development of memory load information, allowed to develop in an entertaining way.

There is no more valuable wealth than our memory. With it, we store received during the life of knowledge, constantly enriching it with new information which is then used in various fields or share with other people and thus extend the eternal and useful. Having a good memory, a person is capable of storing large volumes of material. With such a base, you can maintain a conversation on any subject, demonstrating their intelligence and fill in the gaps of knowledge of other people, having given the unique facts in a particular area. In memory we store memories of his personal life. That's the bad moments, but the most important are good. Growing up, we often begin to get out of the funny memories of childhood accidents and retell them to their children already. We fondly remember the first puppy, first love, kiss, marriage, birth of children. In memory we cherish all of the most valuable and important events of our lives and always find a place for new experiences. Memory - is our weapon against ignorance, forgetfulness and loneliness. Lose it, is to lose the past and the future, but because that does not happen, we must work tirelessly to its strengthening and development. For this purpose, invented games and educational games in the desktop version and virtual. And so they were not perceived as boring and methodical training material, they are supplied in the original form of a game. Memory Games for girls include communication with young fairies, princesses, pets, heroes of fairy tales. However, they played with different versions and offer several options. If the playing field, you will see the picture upside-down "shirts" up, then, on the back side there are pictures, duplicate guy, but mixed randomly. To find the same image will turn over each picture individually and store the image and its location, and a similar finding, to remember where the first one. If you remember correctly, they will disappear from the board, or remain open. Only when there is a repetition of each figure, the level will be passed. Sometimes the games at the time and it is necessary to keep it, but if it knocks you out, just disable this feature in the settings and play calmly, without haste. Similar games on the development of memory to be part of the additional jobs in other games, but we suggest you to play in a stand alone game, collected in a separate category. What more like girls, so it's dress up with a preliminary memorization of the original attire characters. Heroes of the fabulous adventures are unique in its appearance, but can be changed wardrobe as well as humans. Focus on the details of the costume characters, and then, when ready, repeat them, picking up things from the presented ones that correspond to the original image. A similar situation with colorings. First, you learn a color original, and then remember it, and paint a black-and-white picture yourself. You can still collect sandwiches or cook other dishes, along with Tom and Jerry, remembering the pre-set sequence and ingredients. Small quests offer free online games on the memory where you have to collect items and memorize the details. For example, to open the chest, you must enter a code. Each digit is a single cell, marked in different colors. Now there are only zeros, and you need to find all the hidden room in the numbers and remember not only them, but also to what color belongs to each.

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