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The world is imperfect and unreal - as evidenced by not only the film, but also the game matrix. Fantastic, dangerous and exciting adventures await you in the game matrix.

In the movie The Matrix whole world around the main character, was a virtual illusion created by a powerful computer. Neo realized that he spent all his life in a special capsule attached to a particular machine. All that he believed the events of his life, was a computer projection. Neo seeks to destroy this system, but he had to overcome serious resistance. In the film The Matrix many shootings, melee battles. The same offer and the game matrix. For example, the gamer controls the figure of the hero in the style of Neo. To him approaching agents in jackets and with a deadly weapon in his hands. You will need to demonstrate strong playing skills to dodge the shots and destroy the very dangerous opponents. In such shooters sometimes have to monitor the status of ammunition. The cartridges can be collected as artifacts, or buy in the store equipment. There are a lot of toys with shooting and fighting, which are not made based on the Matrix, but still repeat many of the key moments of the shootings, fights. You can control a soldier in the military field, which alone has to deal with a crowd of well-trained special agents. Or enter the world of the future and help the hero to lead the battle with humanoid aliens. Browser mini-games offer a huge amount of brodilok and shooters in the style of the Matrix, and every gamer can easily reach them succeed. To win any game you need to start to get used to the control system in it. For example, in some games you need to aim at the enemies with the mouse cursor, and left-click to shoot. The figure of the hero in this case, you can move the arrow keys on the keyboard, or it will automatically close the cursor. The movie The Matrix is ​​full of philosophical ideas. One of the main ones: that a person takes for the real world, may in fact turn out to be an illusion. The same theme can be seen in some toys. They are the hero realizes that sleeping or begins to suspect that he died. It tries to explore the surrounding area, try to use different objects, trying to wake up to reality. Gamer directs his actions and helps to find a way out of this transcendental puzzle. Various games with the theme of the Matrix we have collected for you in this section of our portal. Neo help cope with the sworn agents? Or maybe you are, on the contrary, want to prevent daredevil destroy the illusory reality of the Matrix? Perform tasks games, collect artifacts, destroy enemies. No matter how difficult the mission, it can be done, if you focus all your gaming skills. Possibly cope with the matrix flash toys, you will advance in the understanding of some of the matrix of the real world.

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Play online games for free can each matrix

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