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In mahjong play online for free fun and exciting. To play Mahjong online for free, you must unravel the mysteries of Chinese wisdom.

While playing mahjong used 144 special dice. They are divided into 3 types: color, trumps flowers. In the classic version of the game, each member of the party gets a certain amount of bones, which puts on the field under the special rules. Folding so the combination of bones give different numbers of points, which are calculated at the end of the party and the winner is the leader in bonuses. For the party in Mahjong requires four players. Computer games offer a virtual version of Mahjong. And often, they implemented a Mahjong solitaire game in which you can play alone. In this solitaire mahjong can play online for free, if you understand the basic essence of the gameplay. Mahjong bones laid out in a pyramid. The player's task - to release the same bone. However, they should not be locked. This means that they are not on any other bone rests, and they are clamped adjacent chips. If you play mahjong with the help of real bones have to shell out before you start playing a complex pyramid. Moreover, there are several varieties of the original computation of the bones. And if you play Mahjong online for free, you can even build complex structures literally in the blink of an eye. Mahjong dice games can be transformed into the image of cartoon animals in bright pictures. This makes Mahjong affordable even for small children, because they are much more convenient to pick two of the same dinosaur, banana, bear, than complex shapes used in the classical games. Similar games are created with different animations. In one, for example, the gamer selects and removes only the individual, a stylized tree, mahjong tiles. Another toy pyramid of dominoes made in three-dimensional graphics, a gamer can examine it from all sides. The larger the pyramid, the more difficult it is to understand, but for young gamers in the virtual Mahjong also there will be the options. For example, with the pyramid solitaire Mahjong just five knuckles wide. The solution of this puzzle will positively affect the gamer's visual attention, his memory, speed of analysis and synthesis processes in mind. In mahjong play for free online is very convenient. Some versions can be implemented option prompts - if hard gamer can not see any option free of the same images, it helps a computer program. Special counter shows how many chips left to win the set and the number of pairs available for the removal of the pyramid. In Mahjong Online you can play for free in this section of the site. Set new records in speed parsing Mahjong pyramids, develop their skills and handle the complicated task.

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Play free online games Mahjong and everyone can

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