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Make friends with a horse, take care of and to participate with her in the race given the opportunity to play about horses for girls. A lot of positive emotions and good mood provide horse games for girls.

Certainly, to have its own stables with these graceful, intelligent, noble animals, dreams almost everyone. But such luxury available only to units as a treat it is hardly cheap. And that's the game about horses for girls are available to all and always. It is in these games, you can satisfy your passion for horses, becoming a jockey and take part in the races. Before the competition to select a cloakroom and do not forget the harness for your horse. And when you're done, be trained in the management of the horse, it's not at all like how to drive. During the race you will feel more confident if training were fruitful. Horses are very social animals and like to be with them, talk, walk and bring treats. They are sensitive to the mood of the rider and forgive wrongs. To become the best of friends, show your horse as you are attached to it. Treat her a carrot or apple, comb mane and tail, can even braid them into braids and ribbons to decorate. And if the game's plot is a fabulous character, his horse is quite possible to paint the unusual bright color dress with stylish hair clips and put on a body figure. Playing games for girls horses, walking her into their arena, so they jumped around, stretch their legs. And so it was interesting, in a special online store buy hoops, balls, obstacles that your horse will jump. Caring for the horses, make sure that they were always fed and watered with water, so that their sides were combed. Sometimes, showing how they are grateful for the kindness and care they beat the hoof and accidentally upset the bucket of water. In that case you will have to remove the resulting mess that they did not stand in the mud. Game about horses online offer you to play in the quest where your task is - to bring horse out of the stable. As in similar cases, to achieve the end result, you must search for items and perform certain actions in order. You can also listen to how beautiful horses are able to sing the quartet. In one of the games they lined up along the fence and waiting for you to become their conductor. Click on them one by one, and you will witness the wonderful voices of these fascinating animals. Games for girls about horses, but rather about the little ponies, especially like the young geymersh. These amazing animals cause sea of ​​emotion. Looking like they languidly lowered long eyelashes and bend the leg at rest, I want to cuddle them and kiss on the snout. In computer games with them you can often see the Winx, Barbie and Bratz, and themselves pony look elegant and colorful. But there is an even more unusual animals - unicorns. These fabulous characters are able to perform miracles and symbolize the purity of the soul's intentions. To paint their hooves in silver, you do so that when struck hoof o the ground, it will fly out of magic dust. A horn can be made of gold, to emphasize the uniqueness of this creation. Games equine care - is with puzzles and coloring. In such a creative and logical games there is no shortage. You can paint the picture in any color, guided only by their imagination. And if at some point there will need to fix something, you can always do it with a single motion. At present the highlight of the puzzle - collecting together the individual elements of the image, you will see different colorful landscapes, where the central figures are always beautiful horse.

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