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Transform everyone's favorite mermaid Ariel to the taste and discretion, lay down with her picture puzzles or paint a picture with her offer games mermaid.

Lovely little mermaid lives under the water column, but the dream is to communicate with people dressed in human clothes, attend balls and parties, to develop a love affair with a handsome prince. Her dreams come true, not only in Andersen's fairy tale, and numerous cartoons. For example, in computer games, each gamer can pick up for an elegant mermaid dress, do her pretty hair, put on her makeup fascinating person. This is possible in games, dress up games and virtual beauty salon where the little mermaid was the main character. As a rule, the game begins with hair coloring, matching their length and styling locks. You can then go to the facial features. Some games allow the mermaid is so deep into the creation of the external image of the heroine that they can even choose the shape of her eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose, and the entire face. And the player can pick up eye shadow, set the tone lashes, try as it will look different lipstick, blush. Choice of clothes - the next step of design work. Offered as a classic outfits with air skirts, lace sleeves, and a rather bold decision: form-fitting evening dress with huge cleavage and emphasized open legs. The Little Mermaid in the Disney cartoon, the little mermaid from book illustrations, as well as the little mermaid in the imagination of the player - it might be three completely different way. It is not necessary to repeat other people's standards, but rather to show imagination, creating the game's own resident of the seas. Perhaps getting rid of the tail, she prefers to wear pants to enjoy the freedom of their feet? Maybe instead of robes of high society, which converts the little mermaid will feel more comfortable in a modern and stylish t-shirt torn shorts? The final image of the heroine can emphasize accessories - shiny beads, colorful handbag, stylish earrings. The Little Mermaid is also involved in the games of other genres. For example, it floats on the ocean floor and collect valuable gems. She prevent evil henchmen cuttlefish, its dangerous traps lie in wait, as the gamer has to take care of the security of the heroine. There is also a coloring with mermaid - here are offered pictures of the underwater kingdom, the royal ball, the little mermaid images, Prince, their friends and enemies. Among the flash puzzle entertainment, there is a mermaid - they need to find the differences in the figures with scenes from the movie, to collect a series of three identical fish or sea stars. The Little Mermaid is involved in the organization of underwater amusement park, opens a bar of natural juices on the seabed ... In this section of our site you will find the most interesting game with a mermaid!

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Play free online games Little Mermaid can each

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