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In lines 98 to play online is always fun and exciting. For many years, these games have become classics of the genre, because, like all the lines to play - both for children and adults.

In Lines 98 to play online - a great entertainment, which not only helps to relax the mind quickly in a dynamic puzzle, but also learn to exercise some ingenuity to win these games. In the classic version Lines on the board appear colored balls, and the player can move in one turn the ball on one branch, and then there are new balls. You need to collect a series of three same-colored balls - they disappear, increasing the bonus account gamer. Gradually, the game becomes more complicated and interesting. Who created many modern variations of the game. For example, you need to collect a series of three identical images of the heroes of games of Sonic: the blue hedgehog and his friends. Or pictures of fruit, precious stones, jewelry and many other items. By interchanging adjacent images can be strung together a series of identical, and the more this line, the greater the bonus is received. It is interesting to play lines created as a plexus with the classic Tetris. This game figures to collect in dynamics - drop them in different parts of the "tower", eliminating layers of identical pictures. Fans of different game themes will be fun to play online line. If a gamer is crazy about stories with elves, dwarves, magic, he can collect a puzzle with the mystical masks, battle axes, magic attributes. A fan of geometric shapes gladly undertake the creation of strict rectangular shapes of simple blocks. The girls in these games may choose a shiny gemstones or cute decorations. And kids will approach the game balls unpretentious line with figures of different colors. Even in such seemingly simple toys can improve playing skills. In the folding of a row of three, you can try to maximize their speed to simultaneously disappeared more than three figures. So set these records. Sometimes the objective will be different from the classic lines. For example, additional units in the game field can grow with every second on one line, and only one color to destroy a player's skill will prevent the complete filling of the playing field. In these puzzles is not rare to find a famous game characters and cartoon characters. You can add a picture of the residents of Bikini Bottom stories about Sponge Bob, or collect pictures with the enchanting Disney princesses. A variety of lines we picked up the ball game in this section of the site. Try these games and achieve success in each. Here you will find different variations of graphics, gameplay features and a completely different goals of the gameplay.

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Play free online games Lines can each visitor

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