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Sport - is an integral part of human life and its diversity is so vast that even the most phlegmatic person will find the one that is able to fascinate him. In this case, it is not necessary to be a professional, making a career in sports. In every family there is one kind of sports equipment - ball, rope, hoop, tennis rackets, bicycle. But you can not have any of this and just from time to time, engage in running, which is such a direction as athletics. This is the most common and ancient sport, or rather its totality, as in this concept include: walking, runs along the highway, cross-country, discus, javelin, hammer, shot put. It also includes horizontal jumps and vertical height in pole vault without it. Athletics has been a particularly popular even in 776 BC and was part of Olympic competition in ancient Greece. Also, athletic exercises served as a means for physical training to make the body flexible, resilient and strong. On amphorae that period you will often see the elements of such events, where athletes with beautiful bodies were frozen at the time of running or throwing spears. Athletics, and today people are doing all countries, and it is still popular among athletes and sportsmen. And if you are interested in this multifaceted destination, we offer track and field games online where you are able to take part in such an ancient sport. Some games try not to go too far from reality, and are made in bulk schedule and taking into account the physical parameters of the contestants. To throw a spear, a shell or a hammer, it is necessary to perform the movement accurately, taking into account the strength and direction of the throw. In running, it is necessary to beat the competition and stick to the rules. There is a danger that you will make the bandwagon in order to withdraw from the race, but if the computer bot for that nothing will happen, then you fine or disqualification provided. But the game is always the game, and if you prefer a more entertaining story, play online for free athletics offer to run through the track stadium, along with Scooby Doo, which sweeps through it, trying to break away from the pursuit of ghosts. But those are not far behind, and all the time afraid of our good-natured dog. Winnie the Pooh decided to take part in the competition and chose the long jump. Your help will not prevent him, and together you will become a great team of winners. Even Smeshariks not left behind, and chose the steeplechase. Will he be able to overcome all the obstacles on the way, is up to you. Together with well-known characters and a completely new to you, you will improve in throwing, jumping, running. Throwing a spear, you will become a small, funny viking who decided to take part in the Olympic Games. Ancient runner in full dress - tunic and decorations, too, wants to be first. Tarzan easily jumping on the vines, and why should not he try their luck in the high jump, pole vault? Frogs, rabbits and grasshoppers jumping all the time, because it is a natural way for them to move. And that means that they just need to be participants in the game athletics. But if the ostrich - a born runner, then see a turtle on a track - this is the perfect surprise. And so no less, you'll see it there! Games about athletics offer a variety of options to show strength, agility, speed, accuracy, jumping ability and endurance. If you love sports and going to win these games you will like.

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