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Games mazes give pleasure from such an exciting pastime, both adults and children. They develop logic and wit.

In the game world there are many labyrinths. Gamer controls a small hero who needs to safely navigate to the exit to the next level. Many mazes are very dangerous. They are creepy monsters, norovyaschie devour the protagonist. And sometimes caught deadly traps in no time destroying an entire gaming life. Heroes in the labyrinths are also very different. Some toys this man, who was in a strange place, for example, in the castle of vampires and is now looking for a way out of the maze of rooms and corridors. In other toys to spend the little car through the maze of city streets, trying not to hit a dead end caps and not lose time at traffic lights. In the mazes get even simple balls. They have no lofty goals and often to carry out such a ball to the exit you need to put into practice knowledge of physics, especially gravity - turning the walls of the playing field from left to right, these games need to display kruglyashok to the exit door. In the game world a maze may be due not only to the search path, but with the solving of a variety of puzzles. For example, the player controls a hero who moves between residential buildings can communicate with other characters, collect various items. Sometimes out of the maze in such games is associated with the search for the keys to the secret door, hung with old tapestry. A similar story is implemented and in some arcades - the hero toys appear in multi-level rooms, and must demonstrate mastery of jumping on moving platforms, moving on narrow elevators to get to a higher and more challenging level. Navigating the maze of often occurs simultaneously with the collection of valuable artifacts. These may be simple bonus units. Such as asterisks - the hero collects a hundred gold stars, and he added another virtual life. A door opens to the next level only when absolutely all the artifacts collected in the current maze. Games mazes also offer many unique finds - the elixir that opens the ability to walk through walls, invulnerable even to the most formidable opponents. In order to get to the exit of the maze is sometimes necessary to master even firearms. In any case, without much defense in many games mazes can not survive even a short time. Playing with a maze you can try in this section of our website. Ready to dive into the unknown dangers of virtual mazes can not get lost, defeat all the enemies, collect the most valuable treasures and defeat his worst enemy?

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