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In life, performing some action, we do not even think that they can serve as a basis for something more like computer games. We all played in the snow, throwing them at each other, shot from a bow, trying to dart flew a long distance and hit the target. We were throwing pebbles into the lake, competing in the throwing distance with friends or trying to make pebbles "jumping frog". Physical education classes, we ourselves became a flying projectile, jumping from the springboard in height and at a distance or by renting the norm in long jump. Observation developers of computer games have noticed the human desire to learn and develop their propelling force and come up with an isolated subject, offering to play games online Come on. Among the proposed article, you will find games based on sports. In track and field athletes hurl discs, spears and projectiles at a distance. Similar competitions were popular in the days of the ancient Greek Olympics, as evidenced by archaeological findings in the form of images of frescoes and ornaments of clay vessels. A legend says that the athletics competitions have been a favorite pastime of the gods of Olympus and they are constantly competing with each other, proving their superiority. In every man lives the divine spark is probably why we feel so passionately opportunities. And a great way to learn more about them, will be able to play the game free throw farther. In them you will open up possibilities that the ancient gods could only dream of. You will be able to travel to any historical period and test tools are actively used at those times. In the Middle Ages, the most popular was the catapult. Its original purpose was to throw last-minute preparations, exploding the nucleus and the huge stones through the high walls that surround and protect the village from the attack of enemies. This served as a war machine, and to "smoke out" the residents out or destroy them from the inside, resorted to such tricks. Thus, the soldiers could throw anything over the fence, and sometimes people infected with plague by sending them a "package" over the fence in the form of dead and infected with this terrible disease a rat or dog. It's just a little history that should not scare you, because we do not have such a terrible game, although the catapult appears to topics more than once. By sending in a not very long flight our virtual characters, you will be able to chat with Santa, who is racing at high speed, hurrying children to hand out gifts and bounced on the snow mounds, rushes into the far jump. SpongeBob tries to cause an acceleration of the robot and its hard kicks. If you want to help him, you enjoy yourself cool yourself and lighten it to Bob's idea. In the course of acquaintance with our offer, you will also find a mission in which the car jump over a number of others lined up in a column. And to play it even more creativity, choose the version jump through explosive objects such as barrels of fuel or radioactive material. Man has long sought to heaven. It is today, he has learned to go into space, and once soaring birds caused him the admiration and envy. This drove the pioneers on the exploits and teller created legends about them. To see for yourself what it was like returning to the Middle Ages and become so Icarus (as our version - Manolo), who is trying to soar above the earth.

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