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Games online Incredibles take you back to everyday life superheroes and show real family values ​​typical family of supermen.

Brad Bird came up with an original story, and the studio Pixar in 2004, released on his script animated film created with the help of modern computer technology - "The Incredibles." The popularity of this dynamic film with an excellent sense of humor was originally guaranteed, given that Bern copes quite well with the director of such famous and funny products, such as: "The Iron Giant" and "The Simpsons." The film speaks of one family, all of whom none other like super heroes. The head of the family - Mr. exceptional in his super hero's life permanently saves the citizens, prevent the collapse of the trains, robbing banks and stop the suicides. But, once the citizens began to behave irrationally, complaining of exclusivity and causing that to the court. Tired of the constant complaints Exceptional decides to withdraw from the heroic path and career change radically. Now he is an ordinary office worker, but life has not improved. It seizes inaction and boredom, and the chief operating their cavils on my nerves. Gradually, the charter to restrain yourself, Mr. Exceptional makes some attacks, during which, unknown to his wife Elastic bands, worked to save some people. But his wife was not a simple woman, a former super heroine zalegshaya the bottom. During a quiet married life, she bore her husband children who have inherited from their parents super powers. Hiding their real names, the husband and wife took their new - Bob and Helen Parr. When Bob finally tired of the boring office clerk, he took advantage of a scandal at work and quit. But quite unexpectedly Bob gets a letter in which he offered to work for the destruction of a single robot's newest model, which is consistent with his super powers. With the task it copes perfectly and it serves as a pretext for new ones. But the family of exceptional still hide the fact that his life has changed. But how long do not hide the truth, and she is sure to manifest. It happened, and our hero, and very timely, because of the exceptional Mr. mortal danger in the face of Buddy, a young boy who longed to Exceptional became his mentor. Superman dismissed the young man why he felt wounded and vowed to destroy it at any cost. Buddy carefully planned revenge, and he certainly would have come to get even with the offender, but he did not realize that family is the Exclusive was friendly and everyone was ready at any moment to come to the aid of another. Each family member had their own unique abilities that complement each other, which allowed them to survive and defeat the pernicious Buddy. Incredibles games online to some extent repeated plot of the film, but mostly offer their version of events. For example, Mr. Exceptional really going to fight the iron robot, causing a series of crushing blows. You will be able to adjust their frequency and strength to prove the ability of our super hero. "The Incredibles - The Incredibles" offers a choice of one of the characters to controlling it, to demonstrate his skills. You do not even have to jump on the roofs of buildings, chasing a criminal. Only the power, agility and swiftness will bring you victory. Do not forget to collect bonus items, increasing the player's account. And if you want quiet action game you are offered coloring books, puzzles, hidden object, similarities and differences. In many of these ideas useful and informative, allowing reinforce the logic of thinking.

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Play online games for free and everyone can Incredibles

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