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Simulations most favorite pastimes of men - this game hunting and fishing, which are sure to enjoy the most avid fishermen and hunters.

Everyone has a place where he likes to spend his free time relaxing away from the bustle of everyday life and labor burdens of domestic problems. For so many people, especially for women, one of the priority forms of entertainment is the nature of gambling and receiving impressions from feeling trapped prey. It is a very interesting and ancient activities that can distract from any of affairs and give a lot of relaxation - about hunting and fishing. But, due to a number of reasons, not always fall convenient opportunity to do this a favorite hobby and you want to look for an alternative. Game hunting and fishing would be very useful to those who are not going to (and rightly so) to live without outdoor activities, but not always able to go to the country. You can enjoy your favorite leisure activities, using any convenient opportunity, because the process in this case is much more important than the result. You can practice your favorite hobby straight to work in the well-deserved lunch break. In this category there are a variety of simulators as an exciting game with a gun and with a spinning rod, but brings all these games the main source of appeasement - the most realistic incarnation of natural scenery and sounds. You will easily be able to feel close to nature, if you try to play games, hunting and fishing. In the hunt you will find a lot of games dedicated to finding, tracking down and shooting of wild animals. As much as bloodthirsty as it sounds, but it's better that it happens on a computer screen, not in the real woods and fields. Therefore, computer simulations of hunting not only allow you to enjoy the leisure time, but also maintain the population of wild animals. In the section, you will find simulators hunting almost any animal, from the most common ducks, to African safari. If you prefer to relax on the water with a spinning rod, fishing rod, or fishing from a boat, the fishing section of the game is for you. Fishing options are also not counted. You can pass the levels of training, from basic catching rods of broken branches and gradually moving to the professional gear, as they gain experience, you will be able to buy better and more durable and lighter rod, allowing fish for very large fish. So play for fun and enjoy the sounds of the pristine and beautiful paintings of nature, but do not forget at least occasionally get out of the city and breathe fresh air, because it is also a very important part of our lives.

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