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Play Heroes 5 is to become ruler of the towns, castles and army troops in the virtual world. An exciting battle, unreal events and magnificent graphics await you in these games.

Neither a fan of turn-based strategy could not pass Game Heroes of Might & Magic (Heroes of Might & Magis), which first appeared from the pen of New World Computing Developer for MS-DOS in 1995. After some time, and for Windows 95, and in 2003 the company Buka officially localized for its expanses of Russia. Three years later, Nival Interactive - a Russian company, under the control of the French Ubisoft Entertainment, which owns the entire Heroes series of games, has released a version of Geroi Might & Magic (5Heroes ° F Might & Magic V). During the development of each new series, the developers have resorted to borrowing ideas from previous releases. For example, one-fifth of applied the idea of ​​the skills and abilities of the fourth version, but to make the product more interesting and innovative, wrapped him in a three-dimensional graphics. Having started playing Heroes of 5, you will also find this innovation as a function of fast passage. Since a player can reduce the number of moves and make the games faster. Yet implemented the possibility of simultaneous moves, during which gamers can make their moves simultaneously. But you can use this function only until such time as not intersect the sphere of influence of players at some stage. Using the button end of the course, the game switches to standby mode, allowing the player to wait for completion of the actions of other participants in the battle. The next move will be available at a time when the rest of the resort to the completion of key stroke. Also, the game includes new modes: "Duel" and "Duel 3x3". Here is a twenty-four characters, each of which has its own characteristics, skills, its own army and artifacts. In the "duel" a gamer can choose one hero and send him into battle with the enemy, which is controlled by a computer or another gamer. The situation is similar in the "duel 3x3". By selecting three warriors sent to battle is still available just one, but in the case of his defeat, the arena can be set next soldier. With its castle and the army, you will develop and improve them. You can put together an army of representatives of different armies, but a motley crowd control is difficult, since each has its own parameters. The "autobiography", introduced in the game is not very popular because to win, guided by its own strategy, always pleasant. To avoid subsequent already committed errors in the bottom line displays the entire sequence of the accomplished battlefield. In the case of destruction, examine it carefully again, and you get an idea o that bylo done wrong. And to enjoy the spectacle is magnified, some battles can be approximated by the camera. The game impresses colorful graphics and sound. In addition to the background music, sound effects are present, which you can determine who struck the next blow. Play Power 5 is still interesting. The game is endowed with different abilities, buildings, units, jobs, skills that can be developed, and other elements of the game. Despite the saturation control the game intuitively. Even a beginner who is not familiar with this product, easy to get accustomed to it, and as the game gradually becomes more complicated, in that smooth the process will make it a snap. The game carries the possibility of winning, building their own tactics. As in the real battle won by the one who was the best commander in chief.

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