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To play Gravity, you need to have a basic understanding of the cosmos and the universe, because in those games you have to deal with so-called "cosmic billiards"

The dream of all the boys of the cosmos is not in the past. Now the boy with interest look fantastic movies with space aliens and still want to fly to explore these uncharted expanses. But due to extra fast development of technology and changing perceptions of the cosmos in general, this interest has acquired a different meaning. The desire to explore space now is not simply to be an astronaut - the fashion for this for a long time has passed, now they all want to have specific information about this or that phenomenon, in this case located in the space is not necessary. The world of cinema, both documentary and fiction, the education system and contribute to the game industry, so that everyone could look into the mysterious world of outer space and learn all you want, and the rest can be studied and most. Especially for those interested and Gravity Games were created in which to conquer the cosmos, while it should be done on unusual vehicles, similar to a bicycle, motorcycle or ATV. Gravity - a kind of cosmic simulator, which is designed to entertain players and which provides a glimpse into the hidden corners of the cosmos. Thus, play Gravity - it means to go on his interesting transport to different planets, overcoming obstacles in search of something unknown and always interesting. You can just go on the surface of Mars or Saturn, trying to reach the finish line without turning over, but you can go more difficult levels requiring sound knowledge of astrophysics. All games capture the player's attention from the first seconds and allow interesting to spend your free time. The process is so fascinating that you can immediately forget about all their affairs and problems. These games have an army of fans, and you can join it as soon as you try to play any game Gravity. It's a different world, not unlike any other the world of computer games. In it you can plunge on our website in the section Gravity, as it is, we are a lot of interesting games on this topic, each of which is unique and entertaining. World space simulator is waiting for you, and it can be a conqueror of airless space and a ride on any of the planets, and the sense of reality is bound to be present. Do not waste your free time in vain, and dedicate it interesting to do, capable to turn the idea of ​​the space.

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