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Simulator games allow life to lead a parallel life in the virtual world, controlling your character. There you can accomplish what you can not in reality.

Simulation genre of games is rather peculiar, since it became a kind of embodiment and personification of computer games in general. In the past, the opportunity to be in a place where you've never been before, and gave only a TV, and through, the fact that never in reality do not worry, it was only reviewing movies. Nowadays, computer games also give us a chance to experience that had never before, and to do what in reality is not possible. You can become a pilot of a military aircraft or spacecraft, a tanker or a farmer, build cities or manage a million business and so on. With games simulators in front of you such a huge amount of possibilities opens. In this sense, the game of life simulators are presented in a slightly strange light, as they provide an opportunity to engage in a form of the game completely mundane chores, those in which a person is engaged in day-to-day. The player must, as in life, go to work, develop housing, to acquire the necessary things on credit, raise children and build relationships with your partner. All this in one way or another each of us does every day. So many people repeat the same actions and games simulations of life, while enjoying such a fun pastime. If you think about what to do, it begs one answer - because of the desire to keep everything under control. After all, the only thing that distinguishes these games from reality. The game can completely control all the processes and have the result you want to see. It is not enough for many people to the reality of life and simulators provide such an opportunity. By pressing the right buttons to have full control over life and guiding the destiny of your character down to the smallest detail. According to your will, he may become homeless or impossible to get rich, to find the other half and seal the alliance by marriage or continue their bachelor and carefree life, work or live on benefits to be good or evil man, and much more. How was the chosen route, in any case, is waiting for you in front of a lot of ups and downs and you can not fully predict what would be the best choice at one time or another. But in any case, this process is very fascinating and interesting. On our website, in the section where you just are, you can discover the world of simulation life that are sure to appeal to anyone who touches him. Look forward to an incredible adventure in the price of human life, which will become the creator of it is you.

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Play online games for free Simulations of life and everyone can

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