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No other game does not instill a love of animals so as a game animal care. Make friends with a nice four-building and take care of it - is the game for girls with animals.

Decided to have a pet is not all, because it is a huge responsibility to the living being. But the games pet care can get a lot of pleasure from taking care of their own favorite, but stay free of long-term commitments to the cat, dog, hamster or cockatoo. Virtual pets can copy the real small animals or be very unusual fantastical creatures. Initially, the game gamer chooses an animal that he likes the most. Here is an opportunity to choose the most beautiful color fur, the most cute ears and the kindest eyes. Games for girls with animals usually start with taking care of little animals, baby. His need to feed, clean up his box, make sure that it is not hungry, not freezing, not sick, and he was quite entertaining. If all these conditions are met, the animal will quickly grow, develop, gain strength. Monitor this development very interesting - just in front of the gamer little kitty cat is getting serious, and weak foal grows into a beautiful horse. Games about animals online take into account all the needs of virtual pets - hunger, thirst, health, fatigue, boredom. Each of these parameters is shown in the game menu and you have to be very careful not to let the critical results. If you do not feed the animals, do not play with it, do not make healthy, it simply dies from abuse. To perform these actions do not need to spend a lot of effort. For example, to give Kitten bowl of delicious food, just click on an icon in the menu. Similarly, you can release a pony for a walk or clean the nails in his home dinosaur. Games for girls about animals sometimes need to perform additional steps to fully take care of your home little animals. For example, to buy a new cage for parrots, cats or small pillow for a special trainer for alien monster, you earn virtual money by solving puzzles or special assignments. Games for girls about animals can stretch on for many days, and gamers will need to regularly pay attention to your pet to prevent his tragic death by neglect. Although there are also toys that do not require such a long engagement. These can, for example, you can engage in training horses before important races. In some amusements player takes under his wing is not one animal, but several. For example, if you will manage a farm or a center caring for stray animals. Enjoy caring for virtual pets you can in this section of our website.

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