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Rest and make the world more beautiful - it means a marvelous garden to play online. This game has incorporated the features of puzzle and simulation.

Who has not tried to play online marvelous garden, he lost a lot, because this game is an oasis of tranquility and an island in the daily hustle and bustle. At its core, this game combines two of the most interesting games of the genre - "search objects" and economic simulation. All this is well-interwoven in a fascinating story that is sure will interest you. The bottom line is that you inherited a semi derelict house with a large garden around it, which requires care and financial investments. It lives only in Austin Butler, who is happy to help the new owner in all endeavors for improvement estate. To find the money for landscaping and all costs of the arrangement, you can take advantage of everything that is inside the house, because there is a large array of antiques, which is now in the price. You need to explore the mansion in search of those things that will be of interest to prospective buyers. Need to carefully examine each room and find it valuable. To do this, the game has a lot of tips that will help you deal with and a sellout. And apart from that you can replenish your budget by collecting coins, which are also randomly scattered throughout the house. Earning a certain amount of money, you can start a garden beautification and neighborhood. It is already possible to show all of his design talents and imagination, as well as to realize the virtual reality of all their dreams for improving the site. Who does not dream of its own beautiful paradise where you can relax over a cup of tea and enjoy the incredible beauty? You can close your eyes and dream about a wonderful place to stroll and relax with comfortable benches, majestic statues, clipped green lawns, fences cute and funny pond with different animals and then bring all their ideas of paradise in the great game of marvelous garden. This activity is very excitedly, as there are always new interesting ideas, and always wants to improve his creation. The main thing to remember the golden rule: the best is the enemy of the good. Well, as long as you are just starting to pitch in front of you open up hundreds of possibilities of landscape design. You can choose everything for the garden any style, any accessories, various important stuff and all materials. Your marvelous garden will become a favorite place for visitors who are willing to acquire you have antiques, thus making you richer, that will make your site more beautiful and attractive.

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