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What is manga - a Japanese comic book. Fullmetal Alchemist game just based on the adventures of a drawing of Japanese super hero.

Alchemy - this half-forgotten area of ​​science that studies the connection between different elements in order to create some kind of new substances. In order to find most of the alchemists is a unique philosopher's stone that turns any metal into gold, and gives eternal life to its owner. In the real world of alchemy now is not developed, but the situation is quite different in the fictional universe of comic books, cartoons and movies called "Fullmetal Alchemist". This alchemy is an exact science. The story begins with the comic book, the protagonist confronts a very unique goal - to resurrect a dead mother through alchemy. In his world, there is the ability to turn any object into another, which can be quite different. A father left his record on human transformation, which describes the various changes that can create alchemy with the man. The plot is so pleased with the comic book readers that in Japan alone they have sold more than 30 volumes. And, of course, such a popularity resulted in the creation of computer games in the series "Fullmetal Alchemist". Larger versions of these toys are often created in the genre of role-playing games. Here are a gamer controls the main character helps him find valuable artifacts, apply methods of alchemy, transforming found in something unique and valuable. Fullmetal Alchemist game created for some gaming platforms, and began to appear mini-toys based on the original comic book as well as on the principles of alchemy, as shown in it. For example, gamers are familiar with the rules of quests and realize that the found object may seem useless, but it is completely transformed when it connect with other items. What is not alchemy? So you can create something new in the mini-games with the search for a way out of the room, some rpg. There are toys, which mixes elements of a gamer and get new ones - land and air gave dust, heat and air create lightning. In such toys alchemical work really knows no bounds, allowing evolve from simple to complex subject matter, such as computers, jet planes. Alchemists become heroes games of different genres. They are, for example, can take part in battles, providing a first-class army ammunition. Or independently enter into a battle with wizards, in fact, trying to figure out whose art is stronger. The fact that in real life there is no way to achieve perfection in alchemy, does not mean that it can not be done in the space of computer toys. Games based on Fullmetal Alchemist, as well as other fun stuff with the principles of alchemy, we have collected for you in this section of the site.

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Play online games for free Fullmetal Alchemist everyone can

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