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Games Fire and Water 4 - is a game in which a boy and a girl fire water maze win, overcoming obstacles. In fire and water play online - this is an interesting adventure.

Two opposites - this is not always opposition, war and resistance. Sometimes what you can not get along with each other comes to the rescue, making a friendly tandem. That is what happened in the original game design fire and water 4. Actors are the two characters - a boy and a girl light water. Together they go through the mazes that are endowed with all sorts of obstacles. Each character features its danger - the light can not overcome the water of the lake, at the risk of it goes out and the water is afraid of fire barriers, so as not to evaporate. But, faced with the native element, the two heroes can easily find it in the path. Their adventures would not be dangerous if it were not for the obstacles, the difficulty for both the representatives of the elements. The most common obstacle - acid pools. To overcome them, we must seek an escape route or means of transportation. Sometimes, to find a way to circumvent the threat requires joint action. Only with friendly operation and logic of the possible positive outcome. Fire and water play online for interesting when taking part in the process of just two players, each of which manages its hero. Thus, you will demonstrate the skills to work together. But do not forget - no matter how close friendship of opposites, there is always the risk of ruin everything. You should not get too close to each other as different elements, because by nature they can not long be next to each other. In this story, you will plunge into an adventure worthy of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. You will visit the Temple of Light, where numerous pitfalls lurk at every turn. It is only by working together and consistently, you will find a way out of difficult situations. You will meet Forest Temple while playing fire and water 2. Before you prostilayutsya lake of water, acid and lava. The walls of the maze reminiscent of the chaotic structure, but having involved the right arm, you move the blocks and move the walls. During the passage of each level, collect gems and find a way to salvage a door leading to a new phase of adventure. In the process, the game will gradually become more complex, but it will not be a problem if there are two self-motivated partner. Then, plunging into the atmosphere of the game fire and water 3, you will find yourself in the icy Temple. Here reigns eternal cold and glaciers. But the secrets they keep to themselves, should be disclosed. The new rules of the game require a new approach to solving the problems. At times you will fall impenetrable darkness, and move in such dangerous conditions. In this version, you again need to collect gems, but has a particular value green diamond, which is very difficult to find. Many hidden and explicit mechanisms to leverage and dangers await adventurers at every turn. Dodge the traps, move heavy blocks, going up and down on the elevators and bridges. Each time before you will be new challenges, deciding who will take you to the next level. This is not just another game, but a real strategy with elements of logic fun. After the release it became popular very quickly, and that is indeed the case, said the fact that after the first series began to go further. People download it on your computer and mobile phone as well as online play in pairs and alone. It's kind of walker, but it is so original that it is impossible to break away from the process of passing. It is hoped that the developers did not stop there, and soon will offer a sequel.

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Play online games for free Fire and Water can each

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