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Merry mind games the Field of Miracles, which are created based on the legendary TV show, give a lot of positive emotions and make you a star of the screen.

Games with the selection of words to spell a very popular and extremely useful for intellectual development. Perhaps this is why television quiz Field of Miracles for many years collected an impressive audience. Its meaning guessing words, a player can be called entirely, if the lead would take the hint, or pick up the letters, naming one by one and checking if there is such a hidden word. PC version of the game Field of Miracles, use the same principle, albeit with a few twists. The player sees a black boxes that hide behind a letter. He knows how many letters in the word, but he has almost no clues to immediately name a word. To begin the game, "twist" virtual drum - randomly drop different fields that affect the future course of the game. For example, it may be the number of points a player gets for having guessed letter. Or the icon "Bankrupt" from which a player has burned all the accumulated bonuses and the turn passes to the other party. Calling the letter, the player can check their guesses about the word conceived, because if he would give a definitive answer and make a mistake, the game is over for him losing. Computer Field of Miracles, the player will not bring monetary gain, but give a lot of pleasure. Flash game with a hidden word may differ slightly in the rules, but they perfectly convey the essence, namely, guessing the word. For example, in a game such as "gallows", the player is offered a word or phrase that he guesses, click on the letters of the alphabet in a special menu. To make the job was more stressful, the developers limit the number of errors that can be tolerated in the game. And if you're a gamer makes a mistake, it will cause the death of a virtual pet. Hence the name "gallows" - in the game, for example, the visible figure of the kangaroo, whose neck is in a loop. And this loop shrinks with each letter incorrectly named. To simplify the task of the player is prompted to explain the essence of the hidden word. Game-gallows can be used for learning a foreign language, because they are not only in Russian. Virtual word games - is also a variety of puzzles, which is the possibility to guess the letters in words. As well as playing with the search words - here are a gamer must find a different word in the randomly scattered letters. Among such games can be attributed Scrabble - word by collecting the stand to the already established, new bukovok. Flash version of the game the Field of Miracles and other verbal amusements are presented in this section of our site. You can choose different designs, try a variety of gameplay features. Ready to test the value of your vocabulary?

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Play online games for free Field of Miracles, everyone can

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