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Fans of agriculture can now engage in a hobby and farmerama play online. In fermerama play online is to become the best virtual farmer.

Many people in the modern city wakes up sometimes internal desire for a simple life in harmony with nature - growing my garden, garden, care for the animals. And many of them are happy to limit their thoughts do not work on a real garden, field or farm, and participation in farm simulator. In order to play games in the series farmerama online, it is enough to access their virtual piece of land and sow it something useful: carrots, cabbage, corn. As a rule, a player first choice of action is not very large, but slowly, gathering the harvest and selling it on the market, the player receives a virtual money and can buy new seeds to plant trees, to acquire equipment, make piglets, chickens and pigs. Each success gives the opportunity to continue to expand and improve their production. There are games in which a lot of opportunities for improvement in the farm. But you can also play online fermerama with fairly simple rules like "sprinkled seeds - watered - the harvest - dug - sprinkled the seeds." They will understand and novice gamer strategist. There is a strategic game with the development of farms that are made especially for the girls, and they can take care of pretty gryadochkah with strawberry, tomato plants, flower beds. Farmers in Flash games are very diverse and not limited strategies. Grandpa farmer already struggling to cope with the duties of the farm, and only the help he gives gamers the opportunity to work with a tractor, feed the cow, milk the goats and perform many other tasks. It's a fun adventure, performed by left-clicking on objects game world. On the subject of the farm to create multiple puzzles. So you can play fermarama and collect a series of mini games of three identical fruits and vegetables by swapping their icons. In addition, life on the farm - it's not just agricultural concerns, but also simple human joys. For example, a girl gets married on a farm and the player has to take care of the beauty of the ceremony, the dresses of the bride and groom. Or, you can try coloring with farming plots. What colors will pick up for the field, farm house, flower garden, farm animals? In online games like fermarama you can play in this section of our website. Choose a suitable schedule, try different variations of gameplay. In the mini games you can become the owner of a cartoon farm with cows, funny and bright fields, and seize the possessions quite realistic, allows you to experience the true essence of a simple country life. You will be able to create a successful economy? What is the number of pigs grow? How many hectares of wheat sow? And barns in sufficient quantities to stock?

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Play free online games Farmerama can each visitor

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