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Online games out of the room one of the most popular in the genre of quests. To get out of the room, it will be necessary to solve the many puzzles and riddles.

Puzzle games series "Out of the room," starts at about the same subject - the hero finds himself in a mysterious room, from which it can not escape. This can be a huge country house, a small city apartment, a mysterious castle. The player goes through the premises by clicking on the arrows on the sides of the picture. Inside each room you can collect useful items - keys, books, bottles, jewelry. All that can be taken by left-click, you need to collect these toys, it's sure to find its use in further adventures. While inspecting the surroundings, you should try to find clues to find the exit. This may be a note books, video messages. To find a suitable object, you need to look under the furniture, inspect literally every corner. It's common to find a way out of the total space, you need to go through a whole chain of puzzles, quests, and find a lot of things to understand how they can be used. It is worth remembering that any item found during the exit of the room you can try to connect with other findings. So stick grid and can turn into a butterfly net, and some boards into a reliable ladder. Online games out of the room are of different complexity. For experienced gamers this will be a really tricky task made even with a serious story engaging. For example, the protagonist turns out to be a nightmare. He was haunted by monsters, he knows he has to wake up, but do not understand how it can be done. Excerpts of graffiti in general make him question, not whether he died and did not get there in a future reality? For those who prefer a simple and funny game and entertainment there are a series of "out of the room." For example, a lot of fun to be in a cartoon rabbit hole and try to find a way out of it. Or find yourself in a flower house and wander the halls of his colorful, collecting shiny diamonds and charming decorations. Games with access from the rooms can move inside the Egyptian pyramids. Everyone knows that the builders of these tombs were masters of creating mazes - whether a player to be smarter and get out of the pyramid? Some of the games to escape from the room were not made in the genre of the quest with clicks. For example, you can control the game character figurine, collect important key, opening the way to the exit of the building. Sometimes for the job you want to use a serious weapon, fight hordes of enemies. A variety of games with exit from the room we have collected for you in this section of our portal. From what troubles you will get out this time? Be able to set a new record of escape from the virtual prison?

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