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Escape from prison and escape from the interrogation room, solve various mysteries and conduct their own investigation of the game will allow you to escape.

Want to experience the excitement, the adrenaline, fear and a sense of relief in the final? Then you are in the column, titled "Escape Game". What could be worse than to be in an enclosed space from which there is no escape? And if you're not in it alone, and around every corner hides inexpressible horror, or the walls and furniture on fire, or water comes up to the chin, threatening to drown you? To wake up in a room - it's a real horror! But there is no hopeless situations, so you just have to find it. To get out of a difficult situation, search for items, levers and other devices, which will point the way of salvation. But we have to act quickly and decisively, not yet expired minutes reserved for salvation. Sometimes, to find the key on the locked door, it is necessary to make manipulation, illogical at first glance - to illuminate a dark corner, move the clock, to unravel the complicated code to move the furniture and so on. Escape games will throw you in the most incredible situations. Very often it will be necessary to escape from prison. To do this, all means are good, just not catching the eye of the guard. You can make digging, sawing bars on the window and go down to the ground on related sheets, blow up the wall to find a hatch in the floor. But again - before final action is necessary to figure out how to get the necessary things. Escape from school - that's where the excitement and fun! But the teachers for their labor practices seen a lot and just not up to snuff. They have learned all the tricks of their wards and are able to solve them at an early stage. So, the mind of the pupil should be constantly coming up with new tricks to get their way. But what do you do if you find yourself locked in a vault in an abandoned cemetery? Imagine the horror of a person must experience, waking up in a place like this. He does not even know how it got there, but the growing fear says that should run immediately. In such places, there is almost no light, except for the weak glow of the moon, which is a narrow strip makes its way through a small window. Maybe somewhere there are a torch? And if you managed to find the way to light it? But it does not guarantee your freedom because the door is still locked. Playing games escape, you need to include all your logic to do the job even illogical. Sometimes all the efforts are reduced to zero, and it is unclear what to do next. But we are confident that you can handle any difficulty c and find an honorable way out. Stories abound to offer and do not be surprised that some begin quite innocently. So you woke up in the lush apartment and you are not completely terrible. The fire is a fire, warming the room, beautiful paintings on the walls around the ornate furnishings. But something is clearly wrong tyt. Do you feel that anxiety is growing and you are not as comfortable as it was at the beginning. It's time to get out of here. But how? All the doors are locked, and the key is nowhere to be found. Before it is too late, start searching immediately. Sometimes even the best friends become bitter enemies. You do not understand how and when it happened, but when they came to visit her, you become a hostage. Tea and cakes drunk on the street was dark, and the girlfriend suddenly got lost somewhere. She said that she will come out for a minute, but was gone, and the doors locked. You understand that your parents will soon begin to worry about your absence, but it is impossible to get out. Escape games - a kind of quest, where luck and the positive outcome of events depend on you found items, and other manipulations made with them. Arm yourselves with patience, stocked by the logic of thinking and successful search for you, making and continued freedom!

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