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Games of the mythical dragons of huge creatures strikes fear in all people, will plunge you into the fabulous and uncharted worlds.

Since time immemorial, people pass on from generation to generation, the legend of the terrible fire-breathing creatures, flying through the sky, like a giant bird covered with scales and devouring beautiful princesses. This fire-breathing creatures devoted a milestone in the epics of many countries. Now, of course, we can not reliably know the truth, whether it was a fabulous fiction, whether it was the descendants of carnivorous dinosaurs, or indeed had such terrible lizards, which people have managed to completely wipe off the face of the earth. But, anyway, these fantastic creatures live in the tales, legends and even computer games. Under the rules of the game should be flying dragons and destroy everything in its path. Although variants of these games so much that you can find not only the evil dragons, but also quite cute dragons. Dragons game interesting by the fact that the images of these creatures cause a lot of emotions, and you can find the game under his mood. Dragon Mahjong Dragon Nexia, a brave dragon, and even a game about dragon Vic. The selection of games with this topic can be found as the games on behalf of the dragon, and the games that will have to be a hunter to these mythical magical creatures. Also under this theme are caught playing with the theme of martial arts, such as Dragon Fist 1,2 and 3. A special place is given to these creatures in Chinese mythology, which vested them with magical properties and defined as vehicles of magical powers and abilities. Dragons in China are even assigned to a number of sacred protectors kind. Playing games dragons, you feel the strength of these giant ancient flying reptiles. The main thing is not afraid of power of these creatures, so as not to become a victim of nightmares in which you devour a flying fire-breathing monster. Paying tribute to the mythical power of green pyromaniac, burning with his breath the whole village, you will be able to freely enough of their favorite games. There are games in this category such as Action on the passage, like Super Mario, there is a race in which you will have to use his lightning-fast response, going round obstacles at high speed in time to escape from a fire-breathing dragon. There are games related to archery, such as "Dragon Girl" in which the little girl will have to shoot from his bow attacking the village of dragons and burning everything in its path. There is also an arcade game about dragons and games in which a small dragon, spewing flames, should melt the glaciers falling into them with frozen fruit. In any game with dragons you can play on our portal and get maximum pleasure.

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