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Dora games are very popular among modern young generation. These games are very instructive and fascinating.

Cartoon girl with Dora allow children to learn new things, learn a new English word, memorize numbers, understand the basics of behavior in society. In the cartoon Dora often turns to the audience, asking them for a variety of tips, offering interesting job. Even greater involvement of children in fun with Dora was made possible thanks to the many computer games in which the entertainment continues the popular cartoon or offered unique tasks and adventures. For example, the gamer sees pictures of cartoon characters depicted on a background of a different color. The program consistently shows these cards and you need to clearly remember this sequence and then repeat without error. Assignments are gradually becoming more complex, and will need to specify is not one or two but a whole set of colored cards, which not only helps to better distinguish shades of color, but also perfectly develop imaginative perception. Since cartoons with Dora focused on child development, the computer and playing with her participation also carry this important mission. To test your memory, for example, you can try the classic game with inverted images - for a short time players show different cards with characters from the movie about the Douro, and then he has to point out the two are the same. Fans of puzzle games will appreciate the puzzles with Dora. In these pictures with scenes from the movie broken up into many pieces and you need to collect the whole image again, changing different parts of the seats and turning them around. Learn numbers, the alphabet and the English word is also possible by means of flash games. The player sees a picture with Dora, her brother Diego, and their friends must find a maze of small parts or tsiferki bukovki. When the job is done, you can proceed to the next drawing. In his cartoons Dora travels a lot and she is also not averse to visit various places of the game world. To do this, it uses a virtual reality bikes, motorcycles, jeeps. Gamer helps her pick up speed before the steep climbs and descents on sharp slow down in order to keep the balance and not get into an accident. Like all girls, Dora would not mind to try on new clothes, but because flash games offer a lot of odevalok with it. How are you going to wear your favorite character if it is ready for the responsibility concert? What dress podberesh it before Halloween? Dora games are offered in a variety of genres. It is also the designer toys, which is necessary to create an interior room for Dora's Cooking, where the player is exploring the many interesting recipes. Dora and participates in Action, in which she collects artifacts and overcome various obstacles. Try playing with Dora in this section of our website.

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