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Games Doll pleased with the variety and quality performance. Every girl will find a game to taste and enjoy their favorite pastime with their adorable dolls.

Classic games with dolls have also been a virtual transformation and moved into the space of computer toys. Now the girl who wants to comb the doll, beauty, pick up her clothes and shoes do not have to buy a real toy, and you can download one of the games in this section of our website. It offers a very different dolls. There are similar to Barbie exquisite fashionista or boldly painted Bratz dolls. Games offer a girl to do themed dress up. For example, the doll prepare for a date with a charming guy. She needs a beautiful and comfortable shoes, cute dress, charming decorations. The other doll wants to get a job in the office, and therefore it is necessary to select clothing appropriate - strict jackets, skirts, shirts and tights. For a girl gamer in computer toys open opportunities that were completely unavailable for games with real dolls. For example, in a couple of clicks you can change the color of the doll's hair, give her a short haircut, and the next minute she grow her hair to toe. The same applies make-up dolls - a computer program allows you to fine pick a shade of lipstick, apply blusher, eye and bring chic to the lashes. Computer beauty salons for dolls can transform the look of even the most simple dolls, turning her into a glamorous beauty. The fans will appreciate the dolls and games, coloring pages, in which, for example, to add color variety pictures with Barbie - what color car you give your virtual doll? What shade will fill her dress? Games provide an opportunity to enjoy dolls and other doll-like attributes - for example, taking care of the house doll family. It is necessary for them to pick up a positive furniture, paint the walls in bright colors to decorate the window curtains, lay on the floor fluffy carpets. There are games in which the gamer can itself become a creator of some dolls. He picks up the different heads, arms and legs, trying to connect them to different body. The resulting design dolls can then be run in production on a virtual toy factory. Some of the dolls in the game reality are concerned about their health and appearance, but because in sports, active lifestyle. The player helps them to play basketball or jump on the platforms in any rpg. Heroes of the game with dolls are sometimes magical voodoo dolls that come out from under the control of wizards and now themselves collect magical artifacts. Or doll dummies who risk their integrity test machines for resistance to damage. Sometimes in games offered fun with virtual dolls - replicas of famous people.

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